visual technology empowering ecommerce

Visual technology
empowering e-commerce

Increase your online shop performance!

Picalike takes advantage of proprietary visual technology to help your e-commerce business with improving conversion rates, increasing average order size and reducing bounce rates by using superior personalization and recommendation engines. This results from the combination of information from your data feed, real-time click behavior and visual similarity analysis.

Relevant images drive sales!

If your online shop sells fashion, furniture, shoes, accessories, home deco or anything else which is based on visually driven purchasing decisions, you can stop searching for a personalization and recommendation engine right here. Picalike has specialized on that and does outperform classic recommendation engines regarding conversion rate and average order size in every test our clients have done so far.

Fast & easy integration!

Best of all: Using our technology needs less than a day implementation. We do not need pixels on your site. Conversion rate and average order size will increase from day one, because our technology employs the very factor that triggers the purchasing decision: your product images, corresponding user data and real-time click behavior of your visitors. They get personalized, individual recommendations. Join now, turn visitors into happy customers and boost your online shop performance!

100 % customer satisfaction!

You are in good company with dozens of online shops. Five out of Germany’s top 15 online fashion retailers are using picalike’s visual technology to personalize and recommend the most relevant products. They are delivering best in class user experience to their customers.


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