picalike team shows visual tech to increase online shop performance at dmexco

Picalike shows how to increase online shop performance with visual tech

Our mission: to increase your online shop performance! The picalike team exhibited at Europes leading expo for digital marketing in Cologne: dmexco. Followed by client meetings the day before, the team talked and talked. They talked two days long without any pause, which was a brand new experience, especially for our tech guys. Finally it was a great experience with an interesting mixture between existing clients, hot leads and new contacts.

Increasing online shop performance with artificial intelligence

Optimizing your e-commerce website to deliver a better user experience is fundamental for increasing conversion rates and average order size.  From our point of view, understanding the consumer visiting your online shop and delivering the most relevant products is crucial for your e-commerce success. Our approach is based on analyzing the product images from your entire catalog, taking your facts like price, availability etc. from your product feed and finally personalize the results by analyzing the consumer behavior while they are surfing in your online shop.

Analyzing product images to recognize your customers styles

While browsing through your online shop, your customer shows interest in different items. Since Picalike analyzes your complete product feed continuously with our self-learning algorithms, we are putting dozends of attributes to each product image. these include hard facts like color and shape as well as descibing attributes like “sexy”. Taking the clickstream of each individual user in real-time, we are able to identify the style which is commonly described as “taste” of the individual. That means we are able to let you display the most relevant products to each consumer. The chance that your visitor turns into a satisfied customer is much higher. As a result you will see a significant increase in your online shop performance. Both, conversion rate and average order size will raise.