Endless Alternatives on Black Friday – no sold outs

The biggest bargain hunt in the online shopping world is starting soon, Black Friday is near. In minutes several products get sold out, as thousands of customers raid the online-shops, which causes frustration among the shoppers. Don’t let this happen to your customers. Don’t let them abandon their shopping cart because of sold outs. React quickly, replacing the sold out articles with a similar product, giving your customer a successful bargain hunt. Turn your visitors into customers.

We can help you. Picalike’s visual technology finds suitable alternatives in your catalog for each customer – either by our similarity analysis or with our “Shop the Look” solution. “Shop the Look” is the first software, which scales a whole outfit or product combinations throughout the entire catalog of online-shops, generating millions of outfits representing the curated looks.

We recognize the taste of your customer

Broad and deep catalogs often lead to categories with hundreds of alternatives, shops with tens of thousands of products. Text based on-site search and category systems are reaching their limits when analyzing them, so that search results are inaccurate, product recommendations often do not match taste and style. Our software solves this problem by combining our visual similarity index and facts from the client’s data feed. We are personalizing the results in real-time, taking the consumer behavior into account. We are matching the taste of the individual consumer like a good shopping assistant does in the stationary retail, replacing sold out products with products that will absolutely suit your customers taste.

The result is a new milestone for the performance of online shops. „Shop the Look“ boosts average order size, increases conversion rates and improves user experience – not only on a Black Friday!

Time is money

On this special day, time matters even more than usual! Your customer won’t have to wait long to see the next products! Compared to our competitors we are much faster, as the answering of a requests takes picalike 15 ms, while our competitors were happy to reduce to 100 ms. With picalike’s software, all the different pieces come together as one, in the perfect look in the right sizes, in no time at all.

For further information please take a look at our product page, There you will find also a short intro-video. Please contact us  for an individual demo with products from your catalog.