Shop The [Santa] Look

Shop The [Santa] Look

Help your customers find an entire outfit in the right size, substitute sold outs for similar recommendations and get a full shopping cart in return!

So the customer’s Santa Clause outfit is almost complete. Except, those boots, the original Santa Clause boots with white fur, are available in all kinds of sizes, just not his. And the belt… Let’s just say that a few holes more would be great!

That’s exactly the moment that picalike’s software„Shop The Look“ comes in handy. „Shop the Look“ is the first software, which scales outfits or product combinations throughout the entire catalog of online shops. Millions of outfits representing curated looks are generated this way.

Online shops have to offer a huge catalog with thousands of products to satisfy all kinds of customer wishes. And although every one knows that curated looks increase order size and shopping cart, most shops have only 5 % of their inventory covered. Category systems are reaching their limits: mostly manually curated looks do not last long, as single products are sold out quickly. And, above all, these looks inspire, but often do not reflect the customer’s taste in the very moment.

Picalike’s software personalizes the results in real-time, taking the consumer behavior and info into account and matching them with the entire product catalog. In one single glance several products and combinations that match the customers taste are offered, the perfect look in the right sizes – all available and ready to be shopped. This way „Shop the Look“ enables to include more than 80 % of the entire catalog very efficiently and extends the life cycle of curated looks. Ultimately average order sizes are boosted, user experience is improved and conversion rates increase up to double digits percentage.

For further information please take a look at our product page. There you will find also a short intro-video. Please contact us  for an individual demo with products from your catalog.

Sandra Jurema Kielmann