Images are much faster to process and to understand for the human brain (approx. 60.000 times faster). That’s why we are fascinated by the idea of teaching intelligent algorithms how to make sense of images. Tireless eyes that enable visual search and visual technology in very diverse fields. We want to make things better, easier, more effective and far more efficient. We are mimicking the human vision and understanding of images. Employing artificial intelligence, convolutional networks and self-learning algorithms to make sense of vast amounts of data and leverage the speed and accuracy from scalable machines.

Visual technology is changing the way brands and retailers interact with their consumers. Picalike’s technology empowers e-commerce businesses with solutions for a better customer experience including visual search, product recommendation, personalization, image recognition as well as color and object detection.

Picalike business model is based on a monthly license fee dependent on the number of recommendation requests and the size of your assortment (SKUs). That means our plans grow with your business and fit in your budget…..


Picalike was founded in 2010 by Sebastian Kielmann and Daniel Raschke. Since then they built up a team of experts in computer vision, artificial intelligence and sales. Learn more about their backgrounds.



If you want to learn more about our proprietary visual technology and how artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning as well as deep learning are working together, take a sneak peak here.


Job offerings

Clients appreciate our work and are asking for more. More and more online shops hear about us and want to work with us. That means we have to grow. We are looking for ambitious colleagues.



We love artificial intelligence … and emotional intelligence, too.


Sebastian, the founder, came up with the idea and developed the first MVP. Since 15 years he is researching artificial intelligence and computer vision, working for SAP and e-commerce aggregators before he founded picalike at the end of 2010.


Daniel is CEO and co-founder of picalike. He deals with everything besides coding picalike's algorithms. Before he was responsible for Business Development and Legal Affairs at Kempertrautmann and Bwin and is a (currently nonexecutive) partner at the law firm Schieler Alleyne Fumagalli. He studied law in Kiel and Munich, holds a MBA from St.Gallen and Berkeley.


Mobile Commerce is booming. With picalike's recognizer technology we found the perfect solution to bridge catalog business to mobile commerce. Without using any QR codes the aesthetics of our print media and catalog stayed the same, while our customers experienced a seamless transition ordering via their smartphones.

Eva Sanke - Marketing Manager, BAUR Versand


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