data extraction – color detection from images

Understanding the content of images

Extracting data from your images
There is a lot of data to extract from product images. Picalike’s visual technology is able to understand images and detect color, shape, pattern and objects, as well as models and some hundreds of other features and semantic data that determine the fingerprint, but also the context of an image. Picalike analyzes all your product images and will classify these, providing tags and attributes, helping you to enhance the quality of your product data. Using picalike’s visual technology, results will be reliable and consistent. Afterwards you are able to provide better user experience within your online shop due to better data and more reliable filters, e.g. color, pattern.

visualytics color detection

Increasing traffic and user experience
Picalike provides you colors in HEX codes with their respective share within the product and easily qualifies millions of images overnight, allowing you a homogeneous presentation (e.g. just isolated products with a white background, all on model pictures). Offpage – in product search engines such as Google Shopping – you benefit from matching their requirements regarding image quality and color schemes. In the sequel your products will achieve higher rankings and you will obtain more traffic cost effectively.

Adaptive customer solutions

Tell us more about your challenges with images. We are keen on solving your problems with picalike’s visual technology. We already have solutions for recognizing text, watermarks, models etc. in place. Furthermore we are able to select the best images for every item from your image data base. We would be more than happy to customize solutions especially for you and deliver all kinds of attributes as tags. What kind of information do you want to extract from your images?


Color detection and data extraction using picalike’s visual technology results in:
» Better data quality in your digital media asset management
» Higher rankings in search engines and aggregators providing more and cost effective traffic
» Improves user experience and satisfaction on site due to reliable filters


With picalike's visual technology, we managed to clean up our product data feed and matched all our products to one color scheme. For us as an aggregator, we would not be able to have such a consistent and well-calibrated color scheme. Since then our conversion increased significantly.

Harald Muntendorf - Managing Director, FASHIONHYPE.COM


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