Visual Search


similarity search

The "virtual sales consultant" offers all reasonable purchase options in real-time thanks to our interactive search engine. That increases customer satisfaction as well as the customer’s experience of discovering your portfolio. This will drive conversation and sales. The integration of the scalable product matching technology in your shop is fast and easy!



Inspire customers by using their visual preferences and suggesting respective products accordingly. Aligned with human thinking processes the Recommendor follows the customer’s taste. Results are depicted intuitively and increase sales performance. The Recommendor is based on the look & feel of the shop and ready to go within minutes.


visual mail

Visual Mail is your data turbo booster to design your newsletter cleverly and to increase reach significantly. All existing customers are addressed tailored and efficiently. Due to the visual nexus the addressing is very successful and results in an increase reach of up to 500%. It’s realizable efficiently and can have a great impact.

Recognizer_Illustration für Text


The Recognizer helps bridging the gap between offline and online marketing
and to significantly increase the impact of your advertising.
Customers can directly be forwarded to the product page by taking pictures
of catalogue pages. Customers have never been faster in concluding purchases
than by the principle of shoot’n’buy.


tagging & mobile



Our tagging technology turns your shop into the best purchase consultant of all times – anytime! Your customer is able to take pictures of outfits anywhere! He can be inspired by online magazines or on the street or anywhere. Via tagging clothes, shoes, purses & co. your customer can purchase those or similar products from your shop!



Visual search goes mobile. It’s all about shopping for your customers. All advantages of the picalike similarity search and tagging technology are accessible for mCommerce on your mobile devices. Use it directly for your customers – as labled/branded stand-alone solution or integrated within your own solutions via simple APIs.


data enrichment


color export

Color Export analyzes colors psycho-viaually (like a human). The data is exported to enrich your data. It will improve your color filter/classification significantly and increase the quality of your data. That will also enhance results with semantic search, as most search engines and aggregators evaluate the quality of your data. Fully automated any color or combination offered in your shop.



Work with the Picalike engineering & consulting team to enhance your image centric applications and create solutions that boost your performance