Visual Search

similarity search

Picalike similarity search allows an interactive, visual search. After a customer request, the technology detects products similar to the reference object in real-time. The entire assortment is being analyzed on the basis of the product image characteristics. The results can be filtered by various criteria such as brand, price, name as well as employing own “business values”. The customer will find faster and more accurately what they are looking for, while you as our customer increase your conversion rate and your sales at minimal cost.


Visual search benefits at a glance – improve search results, conversion rate and sales

  • Clearly allocated & intuitive: Only product characteristics are taken into account, no semantic parameters. Pumps, high heel, high-heel or high heeled shoe – ambiguous search terms are irrelevant for picalike similarity.
  • "Virtual Sales Agent" Function: Favorite products and alternative options are immediately shown - especially for "sold out" products a very effectve and sales-boosting service mimicking a real sales agent to inspire the customer.
  • Visual preferences of every customer are taken into account and creat e a new seach ecperience, more inspiring and more emotional. Visual appearance is a crucial purchase criteria, especially but not limited to fashion.
  • Increase performance: improved search results keep customers on your site and consequently have an impact on conversion rate and sales.
  • Easy integration depending on the version, the integration can be implemented within minutes.
  • Fair and success-based renumeration model – only a successful search is being charged.
With picalike similarity search, online shops work more profitably, because our visual search quickly finds exactly what the customer is looking for.
How does picalike similarity search work?
Picalike similarity search analyses pictures from websites or data feeds and looks for similar products with the employing our algorithm. All sources of irritation such as background, human bodies and shades are automatically identified and removed. After having finished several clearing processes, the system analyzes over 600 product characteristics (shape, color, color gradiant, texture, etc.) and searches for similar products in the data base.
This (artificially) intelligent and thus learning technology is based on similar functionalites of the human eye & brain. Similarity is one of the basis criteria of the human thinking & deduction process. Customers receive quick and precise search results that take their individual taste into account. The decision process of the human brain is complemented ideally. Integrating picalike similarity search is straightforward and does not infringe any data protection regulation.
You want to find out more about picalike similarity search? Our account management team is happy to assist: sales@picalike.com