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Picalike Visualytics – your visual analytics suite
Have a peek in the computerized visual cortex. As a valued client of picalike you will be granted access to our visualytics suite. This visual analytics platform contains several functionalities. You will be able to search for similar items, see how our algorithm ranks your items per category by similarity and calibrate this ranking with sliders for the most influential factors for yourself. See a short intro video here:

Learn how to show the most relevant items
In just 3 minutes we will show you how our similarity index is used to enhance your shoppers’ customer experience. While they are browsing your catalog nothing else than showing the most similar items will increase the conversion rate. In real-time we get to know their style and desire and will enable you to display the most relevant items for each shopper individually.

Style competence meets artificial intelligence
In the third video you will learn how to easily create outfits, looks or styles and how picalike’s visual technology will scale them across your entire catalog. Take your chance to capitalize on your stylists and merchandisers by covering your entire inventory in cross-sell activities. Boost your average shopping cart value by leading your customers from inspiration to transaction.

Compare the colors of your catalog with customers demand
Have a look at our fourth video to understand which colors determine your catalog. See which colors are requested (clicked or bought) by your audience and compare it with your offered portfolio. Shop manager and purchase units will easily analyze the coverage of colors on a category level and adjust their buying behavior according to the demand. More features will be added continuously based on the feedback of our clients.

Please download our API documentation and our VISUALYTICS manual for more information about the easy way to implement our technology and the way to use our client log in:


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