5 Questions for Maren

5 Questions for Maren

With Maren Tiemerding, we have a lot of sales power in the Picalike team again since August 3 💪. Maren is a graduate of the International Studies of Global Management at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen and will start her Master’s degree in Business Development at the HSBA in October. With her expertise in consulting and executive positions as well as her positive and natural nature, she is a real asset to our Marketing & Sales team.

To get to know her a little better, we asked Maren to answer these 5 questions:

5 Questions for Maren

Tell us something about yourself. Where did you grow up? What are your hobbies?

I grew up in a village with 500 inhabitants in the district of Vechta, which is located in Lower Saxony between Bremen and Osnabrück. Vechta is also known as a horse town and that’s how I got my first hobby. In the meantime I am no longer active in show jumping, but I still have my horse.

I came to Hamburg, or rather to Norderstedt, when I was 8 years old. To study, however, I ended up back in Bremen. Oh, and in between I was also in Thailand and Singapore studying and working.

CrossFit has meanwhile taken over the center of my free time. As crazy as it may sound, the feeling of lying on the floor after a hard workout is irreplaceable 😁 .

What about your new responsibilities are you most looking forward to?

I’m incredibly excited to see how picalike’s technology continues to develop. The team has so much energy. I think there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

Of my tasks, I am probably most looking forward to the discussions with our potential customers. I look forward to getting to know many different personalities and working with them to find the right support for their online store.

When you look back in six months, what do you hope to see?

Looking at smiling faces and not faces covered by our “new must-haves.”

Are you more of a home office or office type?

I guess I’m more of a mix type. I’m really thankful for the development that working in a home office is accepted. I think it’s great the way picalike has been doing it so far. We have a constant digital exchange, but see each other live 1-2 times a week. Especially for brainstorming new ideas I find the face-to-face exchange still very important.

What would be your favorite drink when meeting with colleagues after work and why?

Spontaneously, I would say a Diet Coke. I’m not a big alcohol drinker, because it just doesn’t taste good to me. But every now and then it may be a vino.

Well then, we would like to welcome you officially to the Picalingen and we hope that we can drink a Diet Coke or a delicious Vino together as soon as possible. 😊
Here’s to a good start!

The Last Dance – Or how Netflix influences our purchase decision


The Last Dance.


It’s fascinating how we allow ourselves to be influenced. Not only do social influencers on Instagram, TikTok and the like play a major role here, but streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ also influence our decisions and our buying behavior.

In the sneaker scene, for example, a very specific model is currently celebrating a glorious comeback. “Comeback” is not the right word here, though, because the Nike Air Jordan 1 never really faded into obscurity. But the current sales figures and the general hype surrounding the sports shoe of the world’s most famous B-baller can be attributed, among other things, to the great success of the Netflix sports documentary “The Last Dance,” in which the career of U.S. superstar Michael Jordan is recounted.

But why is the Nike Air Jordan 1 so hyped right now?

To trigger sneaker hype, it really only takes two things:

A story
The momentum
Both things fit together perfectly with this cult shoe: The story is provided by Netflix, the momentum by the Corona crisis and, linked to it, the increased run on casual and comfortable casual wear.

The last dance in terms of sneaker hype has definitely not yet been danced and it remains exciting which model will start the next triumphal procession. Do you have a tip?