The red sweatpants – THE all-rounder


Since the beginning of the year, comfortable pants are very trendy. From leggings was switched to sweatpants. Even fashion professionals like Vivienne Westwood showed that Karl Lagerfeld’s well-known saying that whoever wears sweatpants would have lost control over his life is no longer valid. Especially the gray version was present everywhere, hardly a fashionista doesn’t have a picture on her Instagram profile with a skillful styling with the universally beloved gray feel-good pants.

Now, however, at the end of the year, I’m craving more color. Preferably one that fits the season. So I got myself a pair of red sweatpants and am extremely pleased with how versatile they can be styled.

Red sweatpants

Classic elegant for video conferencing

A large part of the conferences currently take place online, thanks to the current situation. Nevertheless, you want to come across as professional. For this, you can well style an elegant blouse and a trendy blazer with your sweatpants. Pearl earrings are always a nice accessory for this look…


Detailed call with best friend

If you can’t have a wine evening together, then sit down in front of the computer with your wine glass and meet your best friend in a meet. For this purpose, you like to combine sweatpants with an equally cozy sweater, in which you can really snuggle up.

cozy sweaters

Bad Hair Day

Even if you work from home, not every day is a good day for your hair. It’s good to have a few beanies at the ready. Whether coarse or fine knitted, it is important that it fits well and the color does not make you look too pale. Add a casual shirt and the styling is perfect.

Bad Hair Day

A heart for boho

If it’s rainy and gloomy outside, you have the perfect weather for a cozy knit vest that completes any boho outfit. Simply layer it over your favorite t-shirt, add dreamy accessories and the look is complete.

Boho Feeling

Vacation feeling

Who isn’t dreaming of a vacation in sunnier climes right now? The new Meet backgrounds make it possible to beam yourself directly there… at least visually. But to make it all look round, you can style summery tops and a statement necklace very well with the red sweatpants. One last icing on the cake still missing? Then quickly push the sunglasses as a hairband in the hair.

Time for vacation

Sporty intermezzo

Soll nach dem Call direkt eine Yoga- oder Fitness-Session eingelegt werden, damit man mit frischen Gedanken noch mal durchstartet? Dann warum nicht gleich im richtigen Outfit am Rechner sitzen, dann kann man direkt loslegen. In dem Fall zur Jogginghose gleich ein Sport-Shirt kombinieren, darunter einen hübscher Sport-Bra, der gern auch mal etwas hervorblitzen darf. Die Haare praktisch zum Dutt geknotet oder einfach mit dem Haarband aus dem Gesicht gehalten, steht dem Workout nichts mehr im Wege.

Yoga lesson

Bright Christmas party

Yes, many Christmas parties will also take place in front of the computer this year. Then it may be festive or Christmas playful over the sweatpants. Be it the noble silk blouse or the sweet Christmas sweater, the main thing is to shine with the fir tree around the bet.

Christmas party

The good slide

The most festive of all outfits -> the New Year’s Eve outfit. Here it can not sparkle enough! Sparkling tops, shining earrings… This is the best opportunity to finally put them on again! And who knows? Maybe you even wear your favorite high heels with it.

New Year's Eve

No matter what you're up to, this is the time when anything is possible with sweatpants. Let's take advantage of them!

The genesis of OnSight Analytics

OnSight Analytics

We have already introduced you to the start of the OSA pilot phase and the onboarding. In the meantime, a few weeks have passed and a number of new features have been launched. It’s time to talk to our CEO Sebastian Kielmann about the background of OnSight Analytics and what’s behind it.

OnSight Analytics

Sebastian, when did the development of OnSight begin?
The development of OnSight started in March 2018. The very first thing we did was to start developing systems that collect, store and analyze data. After that, we started to make a combination of the new data with our AI and image recognition.

And what led to that?
We’ve been providing our customers with performance support for their online store for many years with our AI and image recognition. That’s when we started thinking about how we could combine all the capabilities of our systems into one simple and intelligent solution with the goal of creating market intelligence that automatically detects relevant events and reports recommended actions right away.

What has been the biggest hurdle so far?
Collecting and evaluating the data is always a challenge. But also combining the ideas and wishes of our partners, which concern brands on marketplaces, brands in their own store, or consist of retailers as well as marketplaces, is not an easy task for us. Everyone has a different perspective on the data, and we want to unify them all in one form so that our AI can deliver the best possible recommendations for action.

What feature are you most proud of?
I can’t say, because I’m proud of all of them: portfolio analysis, product lifecycle, similarity search but also our Interest Score, which combines a lot of data into one number.

More info on the Interest Score and other features coming soon here on the blog! To make sure you don’t miss them, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media channels.

Our review of the year 2020


What a year is coming to an end! It could hardly be more extraordinary. I myself have only been at Picalike since September, and even though I’ve known this company for a while, I wondered how my colleagues felt about the year here with all its special features. On the one hand, there was the switch to a home office, then the move to Betahaus and also the start of the pilot phase of OnSight Analytics – to name just a few topics. What challenges did you face? What were we happy about? I asked my colleagues from various departments about this and much more. Our review of the year 2020!

Sebastian Kielmann

2020 was an exciting year for Picalike: office move, many new hires, and OnSight Analytics was developed to the point where the pilot phase is now in full swing! How did the development of OSA begin?

The idea for OSA came to us in 2018 when we were thinking about how to combine all the capabilities of our systems into one simple and intelligent solution. The goal was and is that Market Intelligence, with our AI and image recognition, automatically detects and reports relevant events – including recommendations for action.

What was your most difficult task this year ?
Our move in the middle of the lockdown. But Betahaus supported us very much with their flexibility, my wife and two friends were there energetically and helped me with the move. All the other hard tasks were made much easier than I expected because of the help and assistance of the team.

What were you most pleased about as far as OSA and CTL were concerned?
Definitely about the feedback from the first users and customers. The first onboardings were exciting. We eagerly awaited the first feedbacks. They were consistently positive, with many constructive and interesting requests and suggestions for adjustments.

And what about everything else around it?
I was very happy about the support from partners and customers and about the cohesion of the team this year.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?
The further expansion of OSA through new ideas, suggestions and requests from our partners and the team. And to a new version of our AI and image recognition.

What do you wish for in 2021?
A steady decline to normality, also good health and success for all of us.

Julius Lange

You had several big challenges this year. On the one hand, developing Complete the Look further so that creating Looks became easier and faster, and on the other hand, redeveloping OnSight Analytics. What was the biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge was (and is) exactly that: to maintain (and improve) existing systems in parallel with building a completely new system from scratch. Especially since we had in mind all the points that needed improvement in the previous system, and at the same time wanted to improve existing speed benchmarks.

And what was the most exciting part?
The most exciting phase for me was when we had to evaluate different technologies for our requirements. At that point, there was a lot of prototyping, a lot of new things to learn and, of course, always the hope of finding an even better / faster / more suitable system.

What were you most excited about at CTL or OSA?
I think for all of us the joy is greatest at the moment when the product is ready for the market and the first contracts with customers are signed. We have been steadily approaching this point and now it is within reach.

And what were you particularly pleased about as far as Picalike is concerned?
I am very pleased with the new colleagues and how we have managed this difficult year together, especially since some colleagues left us at the beginning of the year. So it wasn’t a given that the team dynamic would continue as I appreciate it.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?
Overall, I’m looking forward to the product maturity of OSA. On the one hand, it will be a large, completed project, which is always a very satisfying feeling for me. On the other hand, it then clears the way for new exciting tasks.

What do you wish for 2021?
For 2021, I would of course like to have more real contact with colleagues. I would also be very happy if the team continued to grow. And I’d like us to use the lessons we’ve learned from this year in terms of home office and other work structures, even if normal working becomes possible again. But I’m very optimistic about that.


In our conversation about your first year at Picalike, we’ve already learned a lot about your challenges in 2020 (if you haven’t read the interview yet, you can find it here). But what do you say has been your biggest challenge this year?
Bringing the very wild form of agile working at Picalike into more organized channels, although it was partly new territory for myself. Challenge accepted and successfully completed, even though the work in the field never really stops.

In which area did you learn the most?
About the practical implementation of the different agile project management methods from Kanban to Scrum to XP and a bit more. And, that I unexpectedly had a lot of prior knowledge in this area due to my previous work experience and my studies, even if they call things differently there.

What were you most pleased about?
About the fact that the team accepted me with gratitude and that I’m not just some annoying project manager who was just thrown in front of everyone. There were no power struggles whatsoever, just very attentive cooperation. That is certainly not something that can be taken for granted.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?
Going to the broad market with our new baby “OSA” and hopefully gaining lots of satisfied users. For me, that would be another confirmation that we are not only a great team, but also produce another relevant product alongside CTL.

What do you wish for in 2021?
Apart from all the things you want for a successful product, satisfied customers, and a unique team, I would like to see us living in a time when our boss cooks for our entire team in the office on Fridays and our colleagues simply chill out together after work with a drink in the Schanze.

Franziska Weiß

2020 was also an exciting year for your division, as you are the personal support for the pilot partners and also the contact person for our customers, no matter where the shoe pinches. What was your biggest challenge this year?
For me, as I’m sure for many, this year has been very crazy and difficult to plan. I think my biggest challenge was to find out how well our customers were coping with the whole situation and to help them as much as I could, even if it was just to listen to their concerns.

Which customer concern have you learned the most from?
It’s hard to say, I learn something from every conversation, every problem and every request. However, I think I’m currently learning the most from the requirements of our new tool, how different our customers are, and how I need to be even more specific about individual use cases.

What feedback were you most pleased with?
We have received very nice feedback from our customer Witt Weiden from various people 🙂 For example, they have praised the fact that we are a very reliable partner with whom they can implement their wishes quickly and in a goal-oriented manner. And what makes me personally very happy, of course, is when I read that our customers are very happy with the communication and the way we deal with them!

And what were you particularly happy about as far as Picalike is concerned?
What I was particularly happy about, or still am, is that we were able to launch the pilot phase of our new tool OnSight Analytics this year. The phase we are currently going through together as a team is exciting.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?
I’m looking forward to all the ideas and suggestions from our customers that will help us develop our product further. But also, in general, to the good cooperation and nice conversations I will have 🙂 .

What do you wish for 2021?
Most of all, of course, I wish that our customers are satisfied with our technology and service. But also that our mentioned new tool develops well and offers a great added value to our customers as well as potential customers, so that all the diligence is rewarded by the team.

What is hiding in the colorful circles?

Colorful circles

We are constantly developing OnSight Analytics further. Now it's the turn of the price groups! With colored bubbles in different sizes, the overview of the price groups is even more informative. What can you see there? Quite a lot!

In which price group is the focus of the assortment? How is the assortment divided into price groups? Where are the most discounted products? These and other questions can be answered very quickly. Each column represents a store, and the circles (as well as the numbers they contain) indicate how high the share of the assortment is in a price group.

Was versteckt sich in den bunten Kreisen? 2

But let’s start from the beginning: For the last 6 weeks we have been onboarding our pilot partners with OnSight, our new competitive analysis tool. Together with our CEO Sebastian Kielmann, our developers have been working on OnSight for a long time, until a tool was created that we are really proud of. Now the time has come to show it to our customers and prospects. And not only that: They can test drive the tool, so to speak, as a pilot partner. Read more about it here.

You’ve gotten into enough tools this year to work from home and already feel stressed just thinking about new software? Don’t be, with our onboarding no brain needs to start smoking with this super intuitive tool. You can read more about onboarding here!

Was versteckt sich in den bunten Kreisen? 3

Pilot Partner OnSight

No shying away from new technology

No shying away from new technology

OnSight, our new market intelligence tool, is very versatile, with numerous functions, personal alerts and the various reports. Nevertheless, it is not witchcraft and very intuitive to use. There is no need to be afraid of learning a new tool!

So, right when you log in, you are invited to a tour of the tool, where you are explained all the different things on the dashboard, many features and possibilities that are offered to you. You will also find a user manual that goes into various FAQs and the answers are well illustrated with screenshots.

Keine Scheu vor neuer Technik 1

Personal support and lively exchange

Franziska Weiß OnSight Onboarding

Franziska in the home office during onboarding

But nothing beats a personal exchange. At OSA, every customer or pilot partner is personally introduced to the operation. Franziska Weiß, Key Account & Customer Success Manager at Picalike, is responsible for OnBoarding: “It is very important to me that every user understands our tool and knows directly how and where to find what. After all, they should also be able to work well with all the data and have fun using the various functions.” That’s why she, as well as other Picalike team members, is always available to customers if they have questions or if something doesn’t work the way they’d like it to. No question is a nuisance here: “We are very happy to receive feedback from our pilot partners, even if they point out a bug or tell us what else they would like to see. Because that’s the only way we can create an even better product,” says Sebastian Kielmann, founder and CEO of Picalike.

Do you also want to test OSA? Then sign up as a pilot partner!

Next Stop Winter – a look at the current coat trends


Now, when you mainly meet outside, you can still dress so sloppy down, the coat should be up to date and stylish. After all, in this time of reduced encounters indoors, it is pretty much the only thing from our closet that we present to our fellow men.

With which coats do you move stylishly while walking or shopping through the streets? Which ones will be trendy in winter 2020/2021? We took a closer look at the coat trends!

Puffer Coats

Just like last year, down coats are indispensable from the streets this winter. No wonder, they are so cozy and extremely warm. But what is new 20/21, is that they should be extra long for the ladies. Only benefits us, after all: the warmer, the better. But if the coat feels too shapeless, then simply combine it with a chic belt and conjure up a little waist.

For the ladies

For the gentlemen

Oversized coats

But do you want it to be even cozier? Then everything speaks for an oversized coat. Perfect for very cold temperatures, they offer a lot of space for the layered look. In addition, any styling looks casual with them. But if you belong to the smaller faction: like to style tight pants with it or shoes with heels, so that you do not disappear completely in the big coat.

For the ladies

For the gentlemen

Wool coats

A more timeless alternative is the good old wool coat. Since it has been around, it has probably never not been trendy. Should it still show that you are up to date? Then invest in one with a tie belt.

For the ladies

For the gentlemen

Camel coats

This coat owes its name to its color, which is reminiscent of the cozy desert animals. While they were indeed made of camel hair in the past, today they keep you warm in a variety of wool fabrics. In terms of styling, they are more flexible than almost any other coat. Men wear it over hoodies or jackets, ladies over sweatpants or dresses.

For the ladies

For the gentlemen

Teddy coats

It should be cuddly, but does not have to be water repellent? Then teddy coats are a great alternative. In is every color of teddy bears and every length of fur, be it Samson or Pooh. Whether colorful accessories for a playful look, or more neutral colors for a more sophisticated styling, everything is possible here. Over a flowery little dress or with fringed boots, they make the boho look perfect.

Coats with puffed sleeve

In the year of the accentuated arms: were this year but the shoulder pads and puffy sleeves already consistently in the trend, so this continues now with the coats. They can now be found in the most diverse variations: in subtle or garish colors, with or without a belt, with or without a collar, you name it. But they have one thing in common: by shifting the proportions, the silhouettes become narrower.

The white coat

Im Jahr der betonten Arme: Waren in diesem Jahr doch die Schulterpolster und Puffärmel schon konsequent im Trend, so setzt sich dies nun bei den Mänteln fort. Es gibt sie mittlerweile in den verschiedensten Variationen: in dezenten oder knalligen Farben, mit oder ohne Gürtel, mit oder ohne Kragen, you name it. Aber eines haben sie gemeinsam: Durch die Verschiebung der Proportionen werden die Silhouetten schmaler.

Was there a desirable coat here? Then quickly write on the Christmas wish list. Or would you rather store right away and not wait so long? Then take a look at our Data Snack and find out what prices and discounts you can expect and which brands are currently ranked particularly high in our Interest Score.