What not to miss at Easter


After the dreary winter months, the holidays now give us reason for color! Because at Easter there should be no lack of color: Colorful eggs are sought or decorate bushes, colorful baskets dangle from children’s hands, colorful table decorations invite you to eat together. With so many colors spreading good cheer, you have to love the holidays. We’ve prepared you a little checklist of what definitely shouldn’t be missing! Our top 7 plus a family recipe!

The rubber boots

Egg hunting is only really fun if you can concentrate fully on the hunt without having to pay attention to the ground – and still keep your feet dry. Rubber boots are essential for this!


The rain jacket

In April, unfortunately, you have no guarantee of good weather (April, April, he does not know what he wants). However, we don’t want to let bad weather spoil our mood on these holidays and quickly buy a reliable rain jacket.


The basket

What is the best way to collect your freshly found treasures? In a cute little basket that can later be styled as a decorative highlight on windowsills, tables or on the balcony. And best of all, it can be used again next year when the next search is launched.


Colorful eggs

At Easter everything is under the motto: colorful! For a successful breakfast table or for coffee and cake, colorful plates and mugs look particularly harmonious. Now you can really let off steam. After all, the year still has enough days for the white dishes.


Colorful tableware

At Easter everything is under the motto: colorful! For a successful breakfast table or for coffee and cake, colorful plates and mugs look particularly harmonious. Now you can really let off steam. After all, the year still has enough days for the white dishes.


Easter cake

Speaking of coffee and cake: Carrot cake, gugelhupf with eggnog, lemon cake… Who would want to celebrate Easter without a delicious cake? Of course, it can also be nice to look at, with pretty decorations or in the shape of a lamb or a rabbit. Or as a mini version very practical for the walk by the lake.

Easter - Cake

The eggnog

Every year at Easter, the dear grandmothers get homemade eggnog from us. Whether drunk in style from a fine shot glass or enjoyed from a chocolate cup – eggnog is a firm part of Easter for us. And it’s easy to make yourself. Would you like to try it too? Here is our recipe. All you need is 8 eggs, 250 g powdered sugar, 375 ml condensed milk, 1 pck. vanilla sugar, 250 ml Havana rum. First separate the eggs, then beat the yolks with the vanilla sugar, stir in the powdered sugar, condensed milk and rum. Now heat everything in a bain-marie while stirring constantly until it thickens. Only please do not boil, otherwise the egg will curdle! Then quickly fill into bottles and it’s ready!


Now you are perfectly prepared for the upcoming Easter days and we wish you Happy Easter!

5 Questions for Sandra

Sandra Kade

Another new team member joined us last year! It is long overdue to introduce her to you. We want to do that right now. We’re happy to announce that Sandra Jurema Kade has been our Content Marketing Manager since September 1, filling in for Lea Schilling during her parental leave. She herself is also just coming out of parental leave. Before that, she worked in a completely different field. For the past 14 years, she has worked as a freelance final editor and translator. She used her parental leave after the birth of her twin girls to reorient herself and is now looking forward to combining what she has learned in years of experience with her newly acquired knowledge. Sounds exciting! What role Brazil and rhubarb spritzer play in her life and how long she has known Picalike, you can find out in the following 5 questions we asked her.

Sandra Kade

Tell us something about yourself. Where did you grow up? What are your hobbies?

I’ll have to elaborate a bit: I was born in Germany, but grew up in Brazil in the Amazon region. When I was 17, I came back to Germany to finish high school at a boarding school in Lower Saxony before going to Rostock to study. Since graduating, I now live back in Hamburg, my birthplace.

I love DIY, yoga and baking/cooking. Unfortunately my hobbies are a bit short right now since the twins are born, but as soon as I have some more time I’ll bring over some cupcakes, I promise!

What about your new responsibilities are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to showing Picalike, its great products and how work is done here to others on a regular basis, to inform others about it and also about so much more. I have known the company since its inception and am very excited to be a part of it now.

When you look back in six months, what do you hope to see?

That I could reach and pick up the recipients with the choice of topics for newsletters, blog posts, etc. and with the elaboration of the topics. And maybe even got a few returns.

Are you more of a home office or office type?

Kind of both, although a bit more of a home office guy than an office guy. I like working from home, because I can sort laundry or clean out the dishwasher at the Writer’s Block, where I’m guaranteed to come up with another idea that I can then sit down to, fortified with a fresh cup of coffee. But I also like to work in the office with other people, because the exchange can also be very inspiring, and I then also feel closer to the action. (Yes, I know that through Slack etc. you are always fully involved, even from home, but I still find the personal presence at the scene of the action a tad closer 🙂 )

What would be your favorite drink when meeting with work colleagues after work and why?

Since the twins are still so small, definitely a rhubarb spritzer, which is very refreshing after all, or a decaffeinated latte macchiato with oat milk. But if I didn’t have little babies now, it would definitely be a wine spritzer, my absolute after-work drink: fresh, sparkling and very delicious taste. Then white or rosé, depending on the mood.

Then we’ll soon be down here at the Betahaus café for a quick decaffeinated latte macchiato with oat milk and hope you have some muffins with you, too.