Act with your assortment around to provide
your customer with an individual shopping experience

How can I react to trends?

Since each product in the own assortment receives a trend score, this can be used for many things. For example, for campaign management, mailings, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, Google shopping campaigns, and other platforms. Trendy products can be easily exported or integrated directly into apps, shops or newsletters via APIs.

Act 1

Who should
I report what to?

As usual with OnSight, there are APIs and exports for this as well. It’s easy to find out who to recommend which products to. For example, after logging in to the shop or sending flyers.

Which of my
products fit best together?

Our AI helps you to generate outfits and scale them across your entire range. With Auto-Curation and Complete the Look you combine information from the market with your assortment and advise your customers holistically and individually.

Act 2

How can I optimize my sales?

By constantly comparing your products with those of the market, the unique potential of your assortment will be recognized.
With Actionable Data you not only get insight into what is happening in the market but also recommendations for action.
E.g. which of your products you should focus more on when actions should be started or which of your products could be of interest to whom.