19. September 2022

What led to the Development of Complete the Look?

Currently, our Visualytics working group is running at full speed. Many ideas for the Visualytics Suite are coming together, both regarding Similarity as well as Complete […]
10. August 2022

Why email marketing is your shop window

  The customer has visited your store. You did everything you could to make her customer journey as pleasant as possible: you have many trendy items […]
4. August 2022

Wieso E-Mail-Marketing dein Schaufenster ist

Die Kundin hat deinen Shop besucht. Du hast alles gegeben, damit sie eine möglichst angenehme Customer Journey hatte: Du hast zahlreiche trendy Artikel in deinem Shop. […]
2. August 2021

How can you identify personal trends?

In the last trend report I received, there was a detailed report on dresses, skirts and tops – of course, the fashion industry is largely oriented […]
27. April 2021

Slipover – the racer in the current street style

The layered look (also called onion look) is always back in trend. What makes this look the eternal comeback trend? For one, it’s perfect for this […]
17. February 2021

With Complete the Look to the romantic candlelight dinner

We have already introduced you to how to decorate whole rooms chic. But it doesn’t always have to be whole rooms. What about a romantic candlelight […]
12. January 2021

Give Furnishing tips with Complete the Look

Those who know us also know Complete the Look, our recommendation tool. It can be used to create Looks (previously Picalike slang for outfits) that can […]
21. December 2020

How Marie quickly creates looks for outfit recommendations

Quickly create outfit recommendations with Complete the Look. Here you get to know Marie. With a lot of effort, she manually created looks for outfit recommendations. […]
2. September 2019

Menswear DeCoded: 10 rules to make a man dress well

There are certainly millions of times more guides for Outifts for women than for men. So this time I’ll be more concerned with the rules of […]