2. August 2021

How can you identify personal trends?

In the last trend report I received, there was a detailed report on dresses, skirts and tops – of course, the fashion industry is largely oriented […]
2. August 2021

Interview with Sandra Repking Part 2

Here you can read part 2 of our interview with purchasing expert Sandra Repking. This part is all about the support that tools such as OSA provide for purchasing planning.
28. July 2021

How to buy the perfect goods?

To ensure that OSA continues to develop in the best possible way, we regularly exchange ideas with experts from a wide range of fields. This time with all-round expert Sandra Repking about purchasing.
17. February 2021

A conversation about adSoul, automations and marketing in 2021

Today we would like to introduce you to Thomas Ziegler and adSoul, the automation solution for paid search marketing. It enables online stores, for example, to […]
30. November 2020

Georg Glinz and UNITO’s new e-commerce podcast UNgeniert

On October 15, our customer UNITO launched its e-commerce podcast UNgeniert with an exciting and very informative episode on the topic of “Corona – A Blessing […]
9. October 2020

Peter Scholzuk talks about Picalike in the CRM Podcast!

Picalike on the podcast Nico Zorn interviews Peter Scholzuk in the CRM Podcast In the October 1 episode of the podcast, Nico Zorn talks to Peter […]