2. August 2021

Interview with Sandra Repking Part 2

Here you can read part 2 of our interview with purchasing expert Sandra Repking. This part is all about the support that tools such as OSA provide for purchasing planning.
28. July 2021

How to buy the perfect goods?

To ensure that OSA continues to develop in the best possible way, we regularly exchange ideas with experts from a wide range of fields. This time with all-round expert Sandra Repking about purchasing.
27. April 2021

Slipover – the racer in the current street style

The layered look (also called onion look) is always back in trend. What makes this look the eternal comeback trend? For one, it’s perfect for this […]
17. February 2021

Identify the hot sales days at a glance

Some days are more reduced than others. Some stores reduce more than others. Some prefer to reduce evenly, others have promotion days when they reduce especially […]
5. February 2021

Save valuable time with Shop Intelligence

Whether you’re writing a book or developing a marketing campaign, the most time-consuming part is always the research. Because most of the time, a lot of […]
19. January 2021

What can fitness cost? OnSight takes a close look at sweatpants

With the start of the new year, sales figures for sportswear are also on the rise. Sweatpants in particular should now no longer just be the […]
11. January 2021

Get relevant informations fast with Newsletter Intelligence

The time between the holidays is known to be used for resting. Not so with us. We are busy developing, optimizing and researching. The result is […]
17. December 2020

The genesis of OnSight Analytics

We have already introduced you to the start of the OSA pilot phase and the onboarding. In the meantime, a few weeks have passed and a […]
7. December 2020

What is hiding in the colorful circles?

We are constantly developing OnSight Analytics further. Now it’s the turn of the price groups! With colored bubbles in different sizes, the overview of the price […]