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OnSight Analytics

The Competitor Analysis

OnSight Analytics makes it easier than ever to keep an eye on your competitors.
Find out everything about their pricing, assortment and marketing strategies with just a few clicks.


Keep an eye on your products on the marketplaces

Product search

Get information about each product

Shop Intelligence

Learn everything about the competitor store


Be up to date and recognize potential trends at an early stage


Keeping an eye on the placement of your products has never been easier. By analyzing the competition, you can see how your brand compares to the competitor’s brands, depending on the product group, on the well-known marketplaces such as Zalando. Never miss a product range change or price adjustment again.

The Product search

Compare your products with the similar products of the competition. Our years of experience in image analysis are put to good use in the product search, as this gives you an overview of all similar products of your competition at a glance. With clever filters you can easily get an insight into the price development and the placement of the product with the respective competitor.

Shop Intelligence

How long does shipping take at competitor xy? Is Click & Collect something I should also offer? How often are newsletters sent out? Thanks to the competitor analysis, you can find out everything you need to know about your competitors’ stores.

Customer loyalty program
Click and Collect

The Interests

Analyzing color, pattern, and style changes is essential to never miss a trend. OnSight Analytics gives you comprehensive insights into the historical and current assortment changes of your competitors.

Competitive analysis_interests

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