Adapt your strategy to that of your competitors

Price Analysis

Designed to collect, analyze and understand price-sensitive data. Your products are constantly compared with those of your direct competitors and you are notified when it is time to respond.

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Shop Overlapping

You can select a selection of several competitors you would like to watch. You will also get an overview of the number of articles analyzed.


Your assortment is constantly compared with that of your competitors and the number of similar articles within a category. It shows how much of your own assortment matches that of your competitors and how much of it is Sale, New or Regular.



Overviews of brands, sales, new articles, individual categories, and competitor products. You will also receive a list of the different brands per category and a comparison with your own assortment. It is shown in a simple overview of how many percents of the brands sold in your own shop is also available in the assortment of your competitors.

News & Sale Alerts

You can easily set up sale-, new-arrival- or margin-alerts and stay informed about changes in your competitors’ assortments.

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Price history

Observe how the prices for individual products of your competitors have changed over time. If items have been high priced or reduced, you can follow these steps using an easy-to-understand graph and make price adjustments for your own assortment if necessary.

Visual Search

A pre-production price analysis and a language-independent search can be performed by simply uploading an image into our tool. Also, you can set the right price before production by using the visual search. Our competition monitor ensures that you find exactly the right price for your new products.

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Cluster View

Own products form a “cluster” with similar products of the competitors, i.e. a collection of similar articles. The similarity is mainly determined by the shape and color of the articles and the size of the cluster can be adjusted after the similarity has been set. Further details are displayed for all products (brand, shop link, attributes, price). The product score describes the current trend of the products. Based on the comparison with similar products, a price recommendation displayed in green can be used to increase the margin.


Not only determine your assortment sellers and bums based on internal KPI’s
like sales or returns rate but complete your analysis with the help of Computer Vision-based market analysis.
Set your products in relation to the total market of your market niche, your customers and competitors and find your best and low sellers.

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Customer Success Manager
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