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Our data

We already analyze more than

Article data from more than 100 stores in the DACH region and new ones are added every week!

Learn more about how we get our market data and how our AI learns through the data.

Where does our data come from?

We obtain our data from various public sources, which are subjected to a strict quality check by our data specialists. Data provided by our customers through a data feed to compare themselves with their competitors is securely sandboxed and not visible to other companies.

What exactly does “public sources” mean?

Anyone coming from the online world is familiar with Google and knows that they track and read companies’ pages through machine learning. Just in the same way, we also track and read the pages of individual stores and collect this data in our database. In doing so, we pay close attention to the applicable legal regulations and are therefore also DSGVO-compliant.

How do we generate usable data?

Thanks to our many years of experience in image recognition and machine learning, we can analyze the data based on the pure image AND the public data. So our AI is specially trained to read out the relevant data based on the image, the article name and meta data.

Based on this data, we can inform you in our Counselor as soon as you notice relevant changes in your competitors. With just one click, you can access this data in detail.

Information about relevant changes can be, for example, when high discounts are given in a certain category. In Counselor we always recommend you to look at these changes.

What do we do with the data?

Once the collected data has been approved by our quality managers, it is cleanly processed and made available through our tool. With our alerts, reports and our counselor, the data is proactively analyzed and changes in the market are observed and communicated. If our system notices changes in the market, our counselor informs about possible recommendations for action.

Who works with the data?

Our customers work with the data and thus inform themselves about price changes, assortment changes, sales activities and much more.

How do we learn from our data?

Based on your settings and Counselor usage, our AI learns to recognize your preferences and thus play out more personalized recommendations.

What can you do with the data?

Thanks to our recommendations for action, you can view the relevant data you are interested in with just one click. This saves you the long search and analysis for relevant data. The counselor gives you the suggestion, the verification and implementation of the recommendation is still on your side.

You want to learn more about our solution? Then contact us now!