What is Market Intelligence?

Market intelligence means keeping track of your competitors and the state of your industry. Market intelligence requires multiple sources of information to provide a comprehensive picture of the existing market, customers, competition and growth potential of the business for new products and services.

What is personalization?

Personalization means that a customer is not shown the same information or offers as another. It means that individual and personalized content is displayed to each customer. These should match the customer’s interests or buying behavior as closely as possible.

What is Computer Vision?

Computer vision means that a computer is programmed to visually recognize many different digital images or videos. These include techniques for capturing, processing, analyzing, and understanding digital images, and extracting high-dimensional data from the real world to generate numeric or symbolic information. Understanding in this context means the transformation of visual images into descriptions of the world that connect with other thought processes and can trigger corresponding actions. This image understanding can be seen as the unbundling of symbolic information from image data using models constructed with the help of geometry, physics, statistics and learning theory.

As a scientific discipline, Computer Vision deals with the theory behind artificial systems that extract information from images. Image data can take many forms, such as video sequences, views from multiple cameras, or multidimensional data from a medical scanner. As a technological discipline, Computer Vision tries to apply its theories and models to the construction of computer vision systems.

How are trends analyzed?

We analyze the trends based on an information base that we extract from the online shops, among other things. The shops name their own trendsetters, where we look at the positions of all products and consider the position movement.

We determine the market trend based on a similarity analysis, where the shop’s own products are compared with the competition’s products using image recognition. We look at which of our own products are visually similar to the competition and have comparable characteristics (brand, price, segment, material, etc.). There the movements of the products are observed and the trend is calculated.