Observe your market

What are the current trends?

Trends are fast-moving and extremely diverse. Trends can be completely different depending on age, category or product life cycle. With our trend analysis, you will be proactively informed about emerging trends.

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Which of my products is trendy?

With one eye on current trends and the other on your assortment. This allows you to combine both and save yourself the hassle of searching for trend matching products in your own range. Each of your products is regularly analysed and given a trend score.

Do my prices
match those of my competitors?

Am I too expensive, can I increase my margin or do I have to react to price changes from my competitors? These and other questions about prices and pricing strategies are answered by our competitive analysis, including recommendations for action, tailor-made to your assortment.

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When should I present
my new collections online?

Is there a perfect time when the new collection should be promoted? How comparable is my collection to that of my competitors and has their collection already been put online? Not only find out if your timing is comparable to that of your competitors, but also which of your customers you should present your collection too.