Personalization According To Visual Taste

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Outfit-Kombination aus schwarzen Lackschuhen, Jeanshose, weißes T-Shirt, schwarze Sonnenbrille, schwarzer Lackgürtel und einer Uhr mit schwarzem Armband

Few things are as varied as individual taste. Whether it’s eating, interior decorating or clothing: each person will find different preferences in different things. Due to one’s own taste, it is almost impossible to deduce the taste of another person.

Only a few days ago I became aware of this again, especially with clothing. In the morning in front of the mirror I chose my outfit. Everything sat, only the jacket did not fit in my opinion at all to the sweater. Jacket changed and off into the train to the office. On the way I saw someone who was wearing exactly the combination I had sorted out before. Tastes are different.

Of course, that’s not enough. One’s own preferences change constantly over time, whether through one’s own environment, social media influencers or current trends. Especially the latter are often difficult to predict and are even less decisive for everyone in the same way. If the color red is currently trendy, then I might be tempted to wear more of it. With pink, things would look different again. The colour simply doesn’t fit me.

Especially for online shops, these aspects pose a challenging task.

Which customer can I recommend the right product based on his previous taste and future trend impacts?

This is a question that can increasingly be answered with Artificial Intelligence and that we in our team deal with on a daily basis.

We use sophisticated algorithms and image recognition to identify personal, visual tastes. To do this, we have to understand the individual attributes and categories, but also their composition, which could be of interest to a client. Ideally, we can identify a trend that has influenced a particular customer. This allows you to refine your profile even further and leads to even better recommendations.

This is an exciting task that I like to share with my environment. I am happy to hear from anyone who is also interested in visual personalization.

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