Recognize your opportunities

Does my assortment
follow the right trends?

The more diverse the clientele or the range, the more trends you have to consider. Shelf warmers cost a lot of money and if you miss a trend, the competition is just a click away. Find out who follows which trends and get visualized trends through sketches.

Recognize 1

Which of my
products is relevant
for my customers?

Each of your customers is regarded as an individual and is not thrown in the same pot with other customers. Everyone has their individual preferences and these count for us. With our customer-centric personalization, each of your products will regularly compare with the preferences of your customers and enable you to target your customers through all channels with the right products.

How can I optimize my margin?

Imagine if you could compare each of your products with those of your competitors daily and see if comparable products are sold at much higher prices. That’s exactly what our solution can do, including a action recommendation on without worsening your conversion.

Recognize 2

Which of my
products should be reduced?

Find out which of your products are currently in a price war. Are comparable products being greatly reduced by your competitors? Is it also time for a sales campaign? If the trend goes down, timely action could be cost-effective and you won’t stay sitting on your inventory.

What does the
of my competitors look like?

How many collections do my direct competitors launch per year? How quickly does a product move from novelty to sale? Compare your product turnaround with that of your competitors.

Who are my competitors?

You don’t compete with a company but with the assortment of the company.
Your product range is regularly compared with that of companies in the same market to keep an eye on changes in competition and the market.

Recognize 3

How strongly
overlapped my assortment
with that of my competitors?

Recognize with which category of a competitor you are competing or even more detailed: With which products from his assortment. Keep an eye on how much your assortment matches that of the others.