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Remote work
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As a technology company, the transition to Remote Work was not particularly challenging. Working in the home office was not usual at Picalike, but it was possible even before the Corona crisis and was used on average 1-2 times a month per team member.

Since from the very beginning, every employee was provided with his or her own laptop and the software used is largely cloud-based, it was easy to do the work from the desk or kitchen table at home.

In addition to the necessary hardware and software, however, it is crucial for successful and productive work from home to have the right mindset. In the following guide we have summarized our common principles, which technologies we use, when and how, and which Do’s & Don’ts we should consider when using chats and video chats.

Transparency is important to us and we would like to show you how we deal with this new and unprecedented situation for all of us, in order to perhaps give you new and interesting impulses. Maybe you can use one or the other tip or work hack for your own home office skills.

Therefore the guide is available for download here:

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