2. August 2021

How can you identify personal trends?

In the last trend report I received, there was a detailed report on dresses, skirts and tops – of course, the fashion industry is largely oriented […]
11. January 2021

Get relevant informations fast with Newsletter Intelligence

The time between the holidays is known to be used for resting. Not so with us. We are busy developing, optimizing and researching. The result is […]
14. October 2020

F#ing 10 years already gone

A review by Sebastian Kielmann, CEO Picalike GmbH The idea Almost exactly 20 years ago, I switched from research on text indexing and search to image […]
16. August 2019

Information extraction from websites (focus on product details)

Last Tuesday, a crowd of software developers and data specialists gathered in our company to listen to the words and tips of Timo Schulz. Timo is […]