The red sweatpants – THE all-rounder


Since the beginning of the year, comfortable pants are very trendy. From leggings was switched to sweatpants. Even fashion professionals like Vivienne Westwood showed that Karl Lagerfeld’s well-known saying that whoever wears sweatpants would have lost control over his life is no longer valid. Especially the gray version was present everywhere, hardly a fashionista doesn’t have a picture on her Instagram profile with a skillful styling with the universally beloved gray feel-good pants.

Now, however, at the end of the year, I’m craving more color. Preferably one that fits the season. So I got myself a pair of red sweatpants and am extremely pleased with how versatile they can be styled.

Red sweatpants

Classic elegant for video conferencing

A large part of the conferences currently take place online, thanks to the current situation. Nevertheless, you want to come across as professional. For this, you can well style an elegant blouse and a trendy blazer with your sweatpants. Pearl earrings are always a nice accessory for this look…


Detailed call with best friend

If you can’t have a wine evening together, then sit down in front of the computer with your wine glass and meet your best friend in a meet. For this purpose, you like to combine sweatpants with an equally cozy sweater, in which you can really snuggle up.

cozy sweaters

Bad Hair Day

Even if you work from home, not every day is a good day for your hair. It’s good to have a few beanies at the ready. Whether coarse or fine knitted, it is important that it fits well and the color does not make you look too pale. Add a casual shirt and the styling is perfect.

Bad Hair Day

A heart for boho

If it’s rainy and gloomy outside, you have the perfect weather for a cozy knit vest that completes any boho outfit. Simply layer it over your favorite t-shirt, add dreamy accessories and the look is complete.

Boho Feeling

Vacation feeling

Who isn’t dreaming of a vacation in sunnier climes right now? The new Meet backgrounds make it possible to beam yourself directly there… at least visually. But to make it all look round, you can style summery tops and a statement necklace very well with the red sweatpants. One last icing on the cake still missing? Then quickly push the sunglasses as a hairband in the hair.

Time for vacation

Sporty intermezzo

Soll nach dem Call direkt eine Yoga- oder Fitness-Session eingelegt werden, damit man mit frischen Gedanken noch mal durchstartet? Dann warum nicht gleich im richtigen Outfit am Rechner sitzen, dann kann man direkt loslegen. In dem Fall zur Jogginghose gleich ein Sport-Shirt kombinieren, darunter einen hübscher Sport-Bra, der gern auch mal etwas hervorblitzen darf. Die Haare praktisch zum Dutt geknotet oder einfach mit dem Haarband aus dem Gesicht gehalten, steht dem Workout nichts mehr im Wege.

Yoga lesson

Bright Christmas party

Yes, many Christmas parties will also take place in front of the computer this year. Then it may be festive or Christmas playful over the sweatpants. Be it the noble silk blouse or the sweet Christmas sweater, the main thing is to shine with the fir tree around the bet.

Christmas party

The good slide

The most festive of all outfits -> the New Year’s Eve outfit. Here it can not sparkle enough! Sparkling tops, shining earrings… This is the best opportunity to finally put them on again! And who knows? Maybe you even wear your favorite high heels with it.

New Year's Eve

No matter what you're up to, this is the time when anything is possible with sweatpants. Let's take advantage of them!