21. December 2020

How Marie quickly creates looks for outfit recommendations

Quickly create outfit recommendations with Complete the Look. Here you get to know Marie. With a lot of effort, she manually created looks for outfit recommendations. […]
17. December 2020

The genesis of OnSight Analytics

We have already introduced you to the start of the OSA pilot phase and the onboarding. In the meantime, a few weeks have passed and a […]
15. December 2020

Our review of the year 2020

What a year is coming to an end! It could hardly be more extraordinary. I myself have only been at Picalike since September, and even though […]
7. December 2020

What is hiding in the colorful circles?

We are constantly developing OnSight Analytics further. Now it’s the turn of the price groups! With colored bubbles in different sizes, the overview of the price […]
2. December 2020

No shying away from new technology

OnSight, our new market intelligence tool, is very versatile, with numerous functions, personal alerts and the various reports. Nevertheless, it is not witchcraft and very intuitive […]
18. November 2020

OnSight is in the pilot phase

For the past 2 weeks, we have been onboarding our pilot partners with OnSight, our new competitive analysis tool. Together with our CEO Sebastian Kielmann, our […]
16. November 2020

The mood at the hot sales time 2020

Black Friday, Christmas time and Corona What is the mood in e-commerce in this very special year? Opinions are divided on Black Friday 2020. Some are […]
11. November 2020

1 year project manager at Picalike

A little over a year ago, the picalike team decided that they would like to have a project manager. Since then, a lot has happened: internal […]
4. November 2020

Picalike and the betahaus Hamburg

From our preppy, conservative offices with conference room and kitchen, where almost once a week our boss cooked for the whole team, we moved to betahaus […]