19. September 2022

5 Questions for Otávio

Since August 1st Luiz Otávio dos Santos Mascarenhas (what a name! For us simply Otávio) strengthens the developer team. With his enthusiasm and drive he fits […]
9. August 2022

How does Multilingualism work at Picalike?

For almost a year now, multilingualism has played a significant role at Picalike: a German-speaking team here in Germany, a Portuguese-speaking team in Brazil and, as […]
23. March 2021

5 Questions for Sandra

Another new team member joined us last year! It is long overdue to introduce her to you. We want to do that right now. We’re happy […]
13. October 2020

5 Questions for Timo

We would like to warmly welcome another new team member. Although, he is not completely new. Timo has been part of our team before, at the […]
17. September 2020

It´s still running? A status update after 6 months in the home office

6 month home office Who would have thought that in March of this year? Back then, everything was still fresh, everything new (as reported here). It […]
10. September 2020

5 Questions for Theresa

We are happy to welcome another new team member. Since August 3, Theresa Schmucker has been our Quality Assurance Manager and checks for us that our […]
12. August 2020

5 Questions for Maren

With Maren Tiemerding, we have a lot of sales power in the Picalike team again since August 3 💪. Maren is a graduate of the International […]
11. June 2020

5 Questions for Johannes

Despite the Corona crisis, we are in the fortunate position to continue to grow and so we were pleased to welcome our new employee Johannes on […]
1. April 2020

How’s it going? A status update after 14 days in the home office

14 Days Home Office A good 14 days ago the Picalike team decided by mutual agreement to set up their (work) tents at home and work […]