15. August 2023

The Beach Set Made with Complete the Look

THE BEACH SET MADE WITH COMPLETE THE LOOK Summer is here and with it beach time. Sunshine, clear water, refreshing sea breeze – the beach is […]
14. August 2023

What You Need at a Festival

WHAT YOU NEED AT A FESTIVAL Festival Season has started! You want to go there especially well equipped to enjoy the event all the more. Your […]
14. August 2023

Olá, Team Belém

Olá, Team Belém After two weeks in Belém, Sebastian arrived back at Hamburg airport on Monday night. Normally, his business trips are not really worth mentioning, […]
14. August 2023

4 Myths when Working with AI

4 Myths when Working with AI Myths concerning working with AI are omnipresent these days. It contributes to the most diverse areas of our lives and […]
14. August 2023

What Led to the Development of Complete the Look

What Led to the Development of Complete the Look Currently, our Visualytics working group is running at full speed. Many ideas for the Visualytics Suite are […]
14. August 2023

Why Email Marketing is Your Shop Window

Why Email Marketing is Your Shop Window Your shop window attracted a customer. You did everything you could to make her customer journey as pleasant as […]
13. March 2023

#datadrivenPR – How data become stories

An interview with Isabelle Ewald (OTTO Group)
8. March 2023

This is how layering is done right

The season of layering is here! You can support your customers by offering stylish but also functional combinations.
27. October 2022

Agiles Arbeiten – wie das bei Picalike aussieht

AGILES ARBEITEN BEI PICALIKE In zahlreichen Unternehmen wird immer wieder betont, dass sie agil arbeiten. Wir bei Picalike arbeiten auch agil. Aber was genau bedeutet das? […]