Next Stop Winter – a look at the current coat trends


Now, when you mainly meet outside, you can still dress so sloppy down, the coat should be up to date and stylish. After all, in this time of reduced encounters indoors, it is pretty much the only thing from our closet that we present to our fellow men.

With which coats do you move stylishly while walking or shopping through the streets? Which ones will be trendy in winter 2020/2021? We took a closer look at the coat trends!

Puffer Coats

Just like last year, down coats are indispensable from the streets this winter. No wonder, they are so cozy and extremely warm. But what is new 20/21, is that they should be extra long for the ladies. Only benefits us, after all: the warmer, the better. But if the coat feels too shapeless, then simply combine it with a chic belt and conjure up a little waist.

For the ladies

For the gentlemen

Oversized coats

But do you want it to be even cozier? Then everything speaks for an oversized coat. Perfect for very cold temperatures, they offer a lot of space for the layered look. In addition, any styling looks casual with them. But if you belong to the smaller faction: like to style tight pants with it or shoes with heels, so that you do not disappear completely in the big coat.

For the ladies

For the gentlemen

Wool coats

A more timeless alternative is the good old wool coat. Since it has been around, it has probably never not been trendy. Should it still show that you are up to date? Then invest in one with a tie belt.

For the ladies

For the gentlemen

Camel coats

This coat owes its name to its color, which is reminiscent of the cozy desert animals. While they were indeed made of camel hair in the past, today they keep you warm in a variety of wool fabrics. In terms of styling, they are more flexible than almost any other coat. Men wear it over hoodies or jackets, ladies over sweatpants or dresses.

For the ladies

For the gentlemen

Teddy coats

It should be cuddly, but does not have to be water repellent? Then teddy coats are a great alternative. In is every color of teddy bears and every length of fur, be it Samson or Pooh. Whether colorful accessories for a playful look, or more neutral colors for a more sophisticated styling, everything is possible here. Over a flowery little dress or with fringed boots, they make the boho look perfect.

Coats with puffed sleeve

In the year of the accentuated arms: were this year but the shoulder pads and puffy sleeves already consistently in the trend, so this continues now with the coats. They can now be found in the most diverse variations: in subtle or garish colors, with or without a belt, with or without a collar, you name it. But they have one thing in common: by shifting the proportions, the silhouettes become narrower.

The white coat

Im Jahr der betonten Arme: Waren in diesem Jahr doch die Schulterpolster und Puffärmel schon konsequent im Trend, so setzt sich dies nun bei den Mänteln fort. Es gibt sie mittlerweile in den verschiedensten Variationen: in dezenten oder knalligen Farben, mit oder ohne Gürtel, mit oder ohne Kragen, you name it. Aber eines haben sie gemeinsam: Durch die Verschiebung der Proportionen werden die Silhouetten schmaler.

Was there a desirable coat here? Then quickly write on the Christmas wish list. Or would you rather store right away and not wait so long? Then take a look at our Data Snack and find out what prices and discounts you can expect and which brands are currently ranked particularly high in our Interest Score.