Slipover – the racer in the current street style

Trend slipover

The layered look (also called onion look) is always back in trend. What makes this look the eternal comeback trend? For one, it’s perfect for this fickle weather and made for it. Also, layering is cozy and can often be put together with pieces from your own closet. Combined with a new it-piece, it shines in new splendor.

This season, the slipover is our it-piece. Fashion experts from various glossy magazines predicted the trend quite some time ago. Will we really see this trend on the streets and in the socials? Or were the predictions wrong?

sarahwhnr Pullunder Instagram

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the sweater trend with OSA. It took a while, but now it has arrived! This is of course reflected in our data from the online stores. Within the last few days, there were numerous sweaters among the new ins, an overall increase of 28 percent. Here also a small evaluation of the color distribution:


But how is this street style styled correctly? We will gladly show you how the fashion pros wear the look, which parts they combine with each other and how to wear it sexy or casual. Let us inspire you!

First the most important garment: the slipover!

It is very popular, especially in oversized cut made of soft fabric. In an analysis of the favored colors, black slipovers are way out in front, followed by natural tones.


The shirt

Under the slipover, a shirt, also in oversize, is styled. Perfect is a white shirt, it makes the contrast to the sweater particularly strong. And should be found in almost every closet. Not in yours? But maybe you have a denim shirt in your closet, a comfortable and stylish alternative.

Slipover shirt

The under

You can do without the pants. However, with our current temperatures in Hamburg (1-13 °C) we recommend leggings or jeans for underneath. It is important that they should be in the background, so as neutral and inconspicuous as possible.


Another eye catcher

In contrast to the pants, the footwear can be a real eye-catcher. For this purpose, over-the-knee boots are particularly popular and also make it possible to wear the pants-free version of the outfit without freezing.

slipover boots

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Are such trend analyses also exciting for you, or do you also want to give trendy outfit recommendations in your online store that are never sold out? Then don’t hesitate and contact us!

The eternal trend knitwear and the new in winter 2020


Looking out the window brings the certainty: we are approaching winter. The trees are yellow, orange and red, the ground is thickly covered with leaves, the wind makes the branches sway back and forth and become increasingly bare. We long for warmth and coziness. A nice cup of tea helps from the inside, cozy knitwear from the outside. After all, what could be as cozy as a jogging suit if not this knit fabric. And versatile it is to boot! The beige sweater with the good old cable knit pattern or the one with colorful designs – both are just worn with pants and skirts also made of knitwear and thus provide a cozy feeling.

Statistical analysis of knitted sweaters with OnSight ©Picalike

Since we at Picalike already have such a great tool as OnSight, the first thing we looked at was whether you can now also make good bargains when buying sweaters. Lo and behold: you can!

Well, then it’s worth taking a closer look at the new trend.

The "All in Knit" Look

Who says it can only be one knitted piece per outfit? No, this season we’re combining the knitted sweater with a long knitted skirt or cozy knitted pants. “The pandemic has shown us once again how universal a complete look in knitwear can be,” says Valentin von Arnim in “Harper’s Bazaar.” “There are endless possibilities to adapt the loungewear look to individual needs and everyday situations.”

Cool pieces to wear with this look:

The knit pants

In our home office days, we’ve gotten used to the comfort of sweatpants and yoga pants. Every now and then, however, it’s allowed to wear something fancier down below, even if you can’t see it during video conferences. But sometimes dressing up is just nice for your own feelings. And it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, as you can see with knit pants, for example. Especially if they have a wide cut!

The knit skirt

For the all-over knit look, the skirts are now worn with midi or maxi length, possibly even in the same shade as the top. Whether tight or wide, there are no rules. An example of a successful combination was presented by Joseph Altuzarra, who combined a petrol-colored turtleneck sweater with a tightly cut pencil skirt made of ribbed knit. This made the look chic enough for any business meeting, yet comfortable enough for hours of sitting at the computer.

The slipover

When we talk about slipovers, we immediately think of the last millennium, when it was stylishly worn with bell-bottoms or pleated skirt. During Copenhagen Fashion Week we were now shown how to wear slipovers this season: especially in oversized cut – over a t-shirt or over close-cut sweaters, depending on the thermometer reading

The cardigan twinset

This season the combination of cardigan and matching top is very trendy again. From knitted bralette to turtleneck, everything is worn under the cardigan: the main thing is that the pattern and color let it merge with the cardigan into one unit. And in one aspect they definitely make our lives easier: now you do not have to choose every single part of your outfit, but only your legwear.

Sweater with collar

U-boat necklines were yesterday: whether polo collar or sailor collar with zipper, now the collar is in. How this can look in a knitted all-over look, shows us the Italian label Etro. There, a soft, fine sweater with polo collar is combined with knit pants in the same color.

Not everything always has to be bought new! It is not uncommon that you already have one or the other hanging in your closet. Maybe there is a favorite cardigan, to which you buy a matching knit top. Or a favorite sweater, to which you combine a soft knit pants. Worn in any case, because the cold seasons have just begun.

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