What can fitness cost? OnSight takes a close look at sweatpants


With the start of the new year, sales figures for sportswear are also on the rise. Sweatpants in particular should now no longer just be the waist-down dress at work or the garment of choice on the couch, but also help put New Year’s resolutions into action. In keeping with the jogging pants’ day of honor on January 21, we used our Market Intelligence solution to analyze the right price for this garment.

The sweatpants, our faithful companion, and not only since so many in Germany make home office as never before. Which are the most popular, how much do they cost on average, which colors are in? We asked ourselves these and other questions and analyzed the data from 15 relevant German online stores using our market intelligence solution OnSight Analytics.

Jogging pants for 2400 euros at Zalando

For our analysis, OnSight provided us with surprising results. Who would have thought that there are sweatpants for 2400 euros? Found them at Zalando, but they are no longer in the range. I wonder if they are sold out? The black sweatpants with 4 decorative stripes on the left thigh for 1250 by Thom Browne is still on sale at Yoox.

Fitness_Price range

Brand interest score shows DSQUARED2 in 2nd place

Another surprise was the brand interest score. If one had previously suspected that Nike and Adidas were the closest, the data collection now showed that between the two brands there are 4 other brands that consumers prefer (the brands include, for example, DSQUARED2 and Juvia).


The color interest score, on the other hand, did not come as a big surprise, with black and gray largely dominating and other colors only slightly represented.


If you want to learn more about OnSight, what is analyzed, what data is collected, how Picalike supports online stores with the tool, feel free to contact us at any time!