Track trends throughout the entire trend lifecycle

Identify trends

Integrate trend analysis into your personalization strategy: With a flexible and easy-to-implement API, you can use trends directly in your webshop or email marketing.

Track trends throughout the entire trend lifecycle: With our integrated visual search, you can identify trends before production, reducing research time and costs.



The trend score keeps an eye out for trendsetters for you. You can use it to develop products, plan your costs and potential sales. For product development, the score for consulting is at your side.


Trace how a product has changed in the course of time in terms of trends and technology by means of the graph. If this product is in high demand, the graph history is ascending. If the product is no longer trendy, the graph history is in the downswing phase.

Advertise trendy products

Recognize which of your products are currently trendy and implement them in your email marketing, optimize your Google Shopping campaign or create theme shops or landing pages for specific trend themes.

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Trend Sketches

With current trend sketches, you will always be shown the latest trends visually, so that you can always get an idea of the trendiest articles.

Visual Search

Through the intelligent visual search, our software can recognize which products are particularly often viewed and therefore recognize the trend through images.

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