What customer service means to us

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What customer service means to us 3

Customer service is certainly a word for everyone. We experience it regularly when we eat or go to the cinema, but also when we call our mobile phone provider or health insurance company. What is the experience like and what are the requirements for a good service? Well, I would say that everyone I know has had both good and bad experiences. What everyone expects is friendliness and helpfulness. Exactly these two words we write big at Picalike, because for us customers are not just customers, they belong to our base.

We are friendly even if someone has a bad day and we support our customers wherever we can. When there’s a problem, the whole team works to solve it, whether it’s something with the software or a problem in the company. We listen and develop new ideas to help the customer and everyone else. We are also always open to suggestions, and if a customer of ours has an idea about how we can improve the software so they can get more out of it, we look forward to any input.

What customer service means to us 4Every company has its KPIs and goals to achieve. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important for us, because without 100% customer satisfaction there is a risk of losing the customer and then winning him back is twice as difficult as satisfying him from the beginning.

For us, customer service is on an equal footing with hospitality, because a guest should feel completely at ease just like our customers. Whenever dissatisfaction should arise, we are always glad to be told openly, because then we will work together to ensure that this dissatisfaction is replaced by full satisfaction. Because the well-being and satisfaction of our customers are close to our hearts!

What are your opinions on customer satisfaction? What is most important to you? Feel free to write me in the comments below 🙂 Your Franziska

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