What home office type are you?

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What Home-Office-Type are you?
What home office type are you?

Home is where your heart is.

And… well, your body kind of does, too, doesn’t it?

The Corona pandemic has the world firmly in its grip and many people are forced to work from home. But are there different rules at home than at work? Definitely in terms of dress code! Here we present 5 different home office types, including meeting suitability and comfort factor. See if you can find yourself here!

1. The Chillax Type

Comfort zone means everything! Dress properly in the morning, yes, but no office atmosphere! It should be comfortable. So slip into the XXL hoodie and get your laptop. Comfortable trousers such as leggings or sweatpants are also particularly popular.

Comfort factor: 90%
Meeting suitability: 50% (depending on company)

That goes with it:

2. The Business-As-Usual Type

Home office and lounging on the couch? Not with the business-as-usual type! For him*her, there’s absolutely no reason not to be as professional at home as you are at the office. In the perfectly equipped workplace, he*she also works from home in a neat office look. Wearing a shirt or blouse he*she is always ready for the next web meeting!

Comfort factor: 10%
Meeting suitability: 100%

That goes with it:

3. The Outdoor Type

Also in the office this species was constantly tearing open windows and airing. Real fresh air fanatics inside. For this home-office type it is therefore out of the question to take the term literally and to sit in the hut. Out on the terrace, in the garden, park or wherever this freedom-loving person goes with its laptop (and available WLAN). The layering-look is of course essential here.

Comfort factor: 70% (depending on weather conditions)
Meeting suitability: 50% (depending on weather conditions and network coverage)

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4. The PJ-All-Day Type

Whether in checked flannel pyjamas or simply with a T-shirt and boxer shorts. For this home-office type there is nothing better than finally hanging around in pyjamas all day long… uh… to work of course! But watch out that there’s no important video conference going on now!

Comfort factor: 100%
Meeting suitability: 0.5

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5. The Cheating Type

Top on top, bottom flop. That’s how you could describe the cheating type. Everything the webcam sees is accurately done: the hairstyle fits, shirt and blouse are wrinkle-free. The motto here is: Do not stand up. Underneath is pure cosiness. In jogging pants, pyjama bottoms or even underpants, there is an absolute relax style under the desk top. You just have to hope that you don’t have to stand up unexpectedly during the meeting or even forget that you are only half dressed.

Comfort factor: 50%
Meeting suitability: 100% (if you stay seated)

That goes with it:

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