With Complete the Look to the romantic candlelight dinner

We have already introduced you to how to decorate whole rooms chic. But it doesn’t always have to be whole rooms. What about a romantic candlelight dinner, for example? This year we only have the option to spend Valentine’s Day at home, with home-cooked or self-ordered food. It will certainly help some people to get recommendations on how to set their table in a particularly atmospheric way. You can see how easy it is to offer customers these recommendations with Complete the Look here!

Super easy and quick, right? It works just like you would make outfit or room decor recommendations. Only you don’t choose 1 piece of clothing and then other pieces of clothing and accessories or different furniture and furnishings. In this case, we picked a nice table that we would like to sit at for a candlelight dinner. Next, we then thought about what else we would need for a romantic table: Tablecloth, plates, elegant glasses and candlesticks. All products to match our style. We used the sliders to set the alternatives and then saved them. The look is ready!

This shows once again how flexible Complete the Look is! All it takes is a bit of imagination and you can create all sorts of different recommendation combos! How about breakfast in bed, for example? A small party on the balcony? An afternoon of reading in the study? A fitness session in the bedroom? Everything is possible!