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Upcoming Workshops

Isabelle Ewald

Workshop – Data-driven PR: At this workshop, PR professional Isabelle Ewald will tell us everything about data-driven PR. What does this term mean? What is the effect of data-driven public relations? How do I discover data treasures in my own company? And how do I turn my data into a story that people are interested in?

04.03.2020 from 15-18 p.m.

Maik Kade

Intercultural communication: At this workshop Maik Kade, project manager at picalike, linguist and long-time lecturer in the field of German language and culture, will give us a practical and theoretical insight into the field of intercultural communication. What actually is an intercultural contact situation? In which professional fields do we find them? How do I deal with intercultural misconceptions?

17.04.2020 from 15-18 p.m.

Upcoming Webinar

Lea Schilling & Adrian Fügert

Webinar – Complete the Look: In this webinar we will show you Complete the Look from picalike. With this tool you can generate many different outfits in no time at all, play them out in the Look & Feel of your online shop on your site and thus show your entire product portfolio and inspire your customers. And all this without having to create several looks manually and laboriously. With the help of our image recognition software the tool is able to identify similar products and use them in your outfits. So your looks stay alive and the products are always available. In addition, we show you tips & tricks how you can easily create stylish outfits even without fashion know-how.

20.02.2020 at 10 a.m.

Past Workshops

Bendix Sältz & Dr. Christoph Ölschläger

Workshop – Predictive Analytics – Hackathon & Theory:


Andreas Anding

Workshop – Jump Start into Growth Hacking: What actually is growth hacking? What’s behind this buzzword? How do you use it and how do you become a sought-after growth hacker yourself? Andreas Anding answered these and many more questions at a workshop on “Growth Hacking” last month. Andreas is the CEO of Remote Native GmbH, a digital expert and consultant with extensive know-how in marketing, sales and technology.


Johannes Deltl
Johannes Deltl

Workshop – Strategic competitive observation: Johannes is a real professional in the field of “strategic competitive intelligence”. As managing director of the consulting firm Acrasio, he can look back on more than 20 years of professional experience on the client and consultant side.


Jörg Igelbrink

Workshop – Predictive Analytics in Fashion: Dr. Jörg Igelbrink gave us an understanding of the topic “Predictive Analytics in Fashion” with many case studies and expert knowledge and even provided some insights from his book “Perceived Brand Localness: An Empirical Study of the German Fashion Market (Business Anaytics)” (published by Springer Gabler Verlag in December 2019) in cooperation with IBM Cognos Analytics.


Benjamin Ferreau

Workshop – Recognizing the Customer Journey: From the beginnings of the Customer Journey (medieval marketplaces, branches, catalogs) to intelligent, data-driven customer approach. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where the customer is or where the conversion is taking place.


Timo Schulz
Workshop: Informationsextraktion aus Websites mit Timo Schulz

Workshop – Information extraction from websites (focus on product details): From RegEx to neural networks Timo tried to explain the topic text analysis and text mining to the interested tech professionals and to clarify which problems can be encountered with product texts in e-commerce.