Upcoming Workshops

Andreas Anding

Workshop – Jump Start into Growth Hacking: The focus this time is on implementing what you have learned directly with practical approaches. Case studies will be used to set impulses for your own business model and feedback rounds will be used to exchange ideas with other specialists.

24.01.2020 von  15-18 o’clock

Bendix Sältz & Dr. Christoph Öhlschläger

Workshop – Predictive Analytics – Hackathon & Theory: In this workshop Bendix and his colleague Christoph will introduce you to Predictive Analytics in practice. After a short definition of the topic and why Predictive Analytics is actually needed, you will go directly into data preparation before you can start with explorative data analysis and modeling. Ideally, each participant should bring their own notebook with a pre-installed Jupyter notebook to the workshop. Guest auditors are of course also very welcome.

05.02.2020 von 15-18’clock

Isabelle Ewald

Workshop – Data-driven PR: At this workshop, PR professional Isabelle Ewald will tell us everything about data-driven PR. What does this term mean? What is the effect of data-driven public relations? How do I discover data treasures in my own company? And how do I turn my data into a story that people are interested in?

11.03.2020 von 15-18 o’clock

Past Workshops

Johannes Deltl
Johannes Deltl

Workshop – Strategic competitive observation: Johannes is a real professional in the field of “strategic competitive intelligence”. As managing director of the consulting firm Acrasio, he can look back on more than 20 years of professional experience on the client and consultant side.


Jörg Igelbrink

Workshop – Predictive Analytics in Fashion: Dr. Jörg Igelbrink gave us an understanding of the topic “Predictive Analytics in Fashion” with many case studies and expert knowledge and even provided some insights from his book “Perceived Brand Localness: An Empirical Study of the German Fashion Market (Business Anaytics)” (published by Springer Gabler Verlag in December 2019) in cooperation with IBM Cognos Analytics.


Benjamin Ferreau

Workshop – Recognizing the Customer Journey: From the beginnings of the Customer Journey (medieval marketplaces, branches, catalogs) to intelligent, data-driven customer approach. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where the customer is or where the conversion is taking place.


Timo Schulz
Workshop: Informationsextraktion aus Websites mit Timo Schulz

Workshop – Information extraction from websites (focus on product details): From RegEx to neural networks Timo tried to explain the topic text analysis and text mining to the interested tech professionals and to clarify which problems can be encountered with product texts in e-commerce.