4 Myths when Working with AI

Myths concerning working with AI are omnipresent these days. It contributes to the most diverse areas of our lives and simplifies, accelerates and perfects processes. In e-commerce, in particular, it has become indispensable: whether in optimizing the product range, in personalized addressing in e-mails, in inventory planning or in the dynamic pricing of products. Or as in our case: for product recommendations both onsite and in email marketing. Yet there is still some mistrust towards it. Here we would like to dispel a few myths!

Myth n° 1: I lose control

The AI learns with every use. The more it is used, the faster it becomes better and better and more accurate. But that doesn’t mean it will soon take over the world with product recommendations. In fact, it won’t do anything unless you approve it. When creating looks, for example, you push the sliders so that you’re happy with the results. Only when you click on “live” and thus approve the selection, the results are switched live.

Myth n° 2: It destroys creative work

We have heard several times from stylists that they fear that the AI scales up the looks and destroys their work. This fear is understandable, after all, the AI also makes mistakes sometimes (see next point). Then the look really does not look as the stylist wanted. But this is the exception. Normally, the stylist already sees on the dashboard how the alternatives of the outfit will look before they go live.

Myth n° 3: The AI makes 1000 mistakes anyway

Of course, AI is fallible… Just like humans. But it simply does its job faster. It can create countless more outfits from one look at once. However, it is only as good as the data it works with. This means that if the product feed contains errors, then the errors will also show up in the looks it generates. But: As you have already read in the previous points, the person who created the original look can see which alternatives the AI will suggest. And can thus find the errors in time!

Myth n° 4: Soon everything will look the same

Just because it scales up an original look, not all outfits will look the same in the future. Unless only one origin look is created for the entire store. But if different origin looks are created in different styles, in different colors, or with items from other categories, there is no chance that everything will look the same. The stylings remain as diverse as your store!

Do you have any other doubts that prevent you from working with artificial intelligence product recommendations? Then get in touch with us! We will be happy to show you our dashboard and how exactly you can always keep control over the work of the AI.

We show how easy it is to create the looks in our Whitepaper “Creating Looks with Visualytics”. Don’t hesitate, download the whitepaper and learn more. If you are not convinced yet, then also read our Case Study about our customer Madeleine, who could improve all its KPIs with Complete the Look, or book directly a Demo with us!