About Picalike

The company, which was founded in 2010 and based in Hamburg, supports customers such as Otto, Esprit, and Witt-Weiden in improving all online shop-specific KPIs. In 2012, the Otto Group secured a shareholding that enabled the further expansion of the AI and its product portfolio. With tools like Shop the Look or the Shopping Agent, the conversion rate has been increased by up to 16% and the cancellation rate has been reduced by more than 40%

We love pictures and artificial intelligence

People process images and visual content about 60,000 times faster and more effectively than words and text. Above all, they create an emotional connection. That’s why picalike offers a taste-based search and personalization option that will make your website a star.

Many shops see recommendation tools as a simple base function, which is fulfilled as soon as any referral box is displayed. A key advantage is that this box can predict exactly what the customer is looking for. A personalized taste-based shopping experience can be an effective tool to attract and retain customers.

Today, visual technology is changing the way brands and retailers interact with their customers. Picalike’s technology, through the combination of computer vision and deep learning technology solutions, offers e-commerce companies the ability to enhance their customer experience through features such as visual search, product recommendations, personalization, image recognition, color and object recognition, and trend and competitor analytics Offer.

By developing our own framework, we can test and implement the latest research insights, and seamlessly combine Computer Vision and Machine Learning with our own configured hardware to reduce bottlenecks and increase I / O speed.

We bring computers understanding visual content

Picalike has developed a sophisticated computer vision platform that enables computers to understand the semantic meaning of image content much like humans.

The technology goes far beyond pixel values and simply assigning categories.

Our proprietary technology is based on machine learning and surpasses classic object recognition and localization techniques in terms of efficiency and speed. Also, we’ve developed one of the largest GPU clusters to deliver world-class performance. Our solutions are designed to perform on real, high-volume e-commerce websites and work on actual customer data.