Meet Douglas Oliveira! It has been a while since we last introduced a new team member! So it is time to change it. Douglas is part of our frontend team and is helping to pimp our Visualytics Suite as well as the Surface of our new project. Find out more about our new coworker from Brazil, what he loves and what he hopes to have achieved in 6 months.

Dear Douglas, tell us a little about yourself! Where did you grow up? What are your hobbies?

My name is Douglas Oliveira, I am Brazilian and I was born in the south of São Paulo. More precisely, in Santo Amaro, a district in the capital of São Paulo. I am currently doing my degree in Systems Analysis and Development. I am married and have a son. His name is Henrique and he is 9 years old. My big hobby is soccer and whenever I have the opportunity I go out to play a little.

Which of your new tasks here at Picalike do you enjoy the most?

I really like doing maintenance and developing new features for visualytics. At the moment I also find it very cool to be able to participate in the development of Picalook, since it is based on techniques I like a lot, PHP and Javascript.

If you could take a glimpse at the future, what would you want to see in 6 months?

I hope that I have integrated well into my team, and also work well with the other teams. I hope that I can contribute something to the development of the new projects of the company and that I get to know all the technologies that play a role in our daily life.

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Video call… Do you change for it or come-as-you-are? Why?

I like to get up early, study a little, have a cup of coffee and get ready so I can give input at meetings and understand all the issues.

What would you like to drink with your colleagues after work? And why that particular drink?

I think a cold beer would be a good option for a late afternoon with colleagues.

No matter if you are in Germany or Brazil – beer is part of the after work tradition.  As well as coffee is part of the morning and afternoon tradition. Now we just need to unify Glühwein and Caipirinhas 🙂 

Since Brazilian beer 🍻 is so different from German, you should try one of the most famous ones like Antárctica, Skoll or Brahma! In this store, for example, you can order one.

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