5 questions guilherme zapater

I have now the honor the introduce another new Picalike team member: Guilherme Zapater! Guilherme comes from a city called Santo André in Brazil. With his specialization in Frontend development and UX/UI analysis he is supporting our team in the creation of the best solutions possible. Find out more about him, his goals and his start at Picalike in our little talk with him!

Hi Guilherme! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! Tell me a bit about yourself! Where did you grow up? What are your hobbies?

I’ve spent my whole life in Brazil, growing up in cities similar to São Paulo but smaller. I’ve moved around quite a bit, living in various cities and houses, but now I’ve settled in Santo André. My hobbies are pretty diverse; I’m always eager to try new things. I have a passion for all types of media – TV shows, video games, movies, books, podcasts, and music. Lately, I’ve been enjoying playing the guitar and gaming.

Which of your new tasks here at Picalike do you enjoy the most?

I joined the team as a hybrid UX/UI Analyst and Front-End Developer. I was assigned to our latest project, where I initially applied my UX skills to kick-start the project and set a clear direction for us to follow. Once development began, my role shifted more towards programming, where I actively engaged in creating functions and developing web pages. 

I’m loving to program different things! It feels awesome to nail a task. It’s really rewarding to see my work pay off and make a difference.

If you could take a glimpse at the future, what would you want to see in 6 months?

I’m planning to save a good chunk of money, keep up with my studies to get better at my job, and I’m aiming to be almost done with my college degree by then.

Video call… Do you change for it or come-as-you-are? Why?

I usually just go with the flow, wearing whatever I feel comfortable in. I don’t like wasting time on deciding what to wear, so I just hop on the computer as I am.

What would you like to drink with your colleagues after work? And why that particular drink?

I love winding down with something sweet and comforting, like a milkshake or frappuccino. They just hit the spot after a long day. And sometimes, if I’m feeling a bit tense, I might go for a distilled drink – it helps me relax and makes chatting with people a bit easier.

Thank you! And we would love to join you for a milkshake at your favorite snack bar! Maybe you can even show us some flavors that we don’t have here in Germany. Here right now we rather opt for something hot to drink, like a nice Glühwein. Someday we need to show you, what that is, in case you don’t know it yet. For many it tastes of Christmas.

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