Automated Outfit and Product Recommendations in Email Marketing

How the Witt Group reactivates its customers in a GPDR-compliant way without addtional opt-in and increases its online sales
"With Picalike, we have found a reliable partner who implements our wishes quickly and in a results-oriented manner. Through the continuous further development of their systems and processes, we benefit as the Witt Group and can also constantly expand our mail portfolio through the super cooperation."
Florian Ziegler
Senior Email Marketing Manager Witt Group

What's inside

The Witt Group (“Witt”) is one of the leading textile multichannel companies for the 50+ target group. By investing heavily in IT, Witt has successfully managed to drive the digitalization of its business model and evolve from a classic catalog retailer to an innovative e-commerce player.

To enable Witt to reactivate one-time customers and
“sleeping” customers and create further incentives to buy, product recommendations are sent to customers as e-mails. These mailings can be sent in a GDPR-compliant way and without additional opt-in. In doing so, our image recognition suggests current products from Witt that are most similar to products from the customer’s past purchases. This allowed Witt to not only significantly expand the recipient base, but also achieve a 13 % higher conversion rate compared to the regular newsletter. We’ll show you exactly how this works in this case study.

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