Rain, rain everywhere. Here we first thought that everything would dry up this summer, and now it doesn’t stop raining. So we have to make the best of it! We have a few tips on how to make the terrace beautiful and functional even in this weather. If you can’t sunbathe, you can now sit outside and listen to the soft sound of rain.

Rain-proof Add-on Pavilion

Even if the winter garden is missing, it is possible to sit outside when it is raining and enjoy the view of nature with such an add-on pavilion. The walls of the pavilion can be opened in different ways, so that you can close the direction from which the rain comes, and leave the others open -> unless of course it pours in buckets. Only waterproof shoes should be remembered, because the floor will of course still get wet.


robust seating

Whether you listen to the raindrops sitting on a chair at a table or on comfortable lounge sofas is up to your own taste and the amount of available space. The only important thing is that the furniture is weatherproof and the cover of the cushions can handle a few drops.

Waterproof storage space for utensils and decorations

They are practical, but not always pretty: the weatherproof garden chests. But they also come in stylish designs! In them you can wonderfully store all your decorations such as pillows, vases, etc., when you do not need them at the moment. And they even have another use: They can perfectly serve as an outdoor sideboard, on which you can put lights, lanterns, flower pots, making them an eye-catcher.

Closed Lanterns

Lanterns come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. But what they all have in common: They provide a waterproof roof for candles. And so create romantic light even in rainy weather.

Put the Rain Look together

Now all that’s missing is a nice mug for tea or coffee, or a string of lights for even more cozy light, or a cozy blanket for cooler days. If available in your store, you can also well recommend plants that fit well around the seating area or barrels to collect rainwater. The possibilities for a good product set for the rain-suitable furnishing of the terrace or balcony are almost endless. And since it’s supposed to keep raining here in Hamburg for a while, we’ll soon show you a nice rain look for men’s and women’s fashion – functional and stylish.

Read more about it

We show how easy it is to create the Looks in our whitepaper Whitepaper “Creating Looks with Visualytics”. Don’t hesitate, download the whitepaper and learn more. If you’re not convinced yet, also read our Case Study with our customer Madeleine, who was able to improve all their KPIs with Complete the Look, or book a demo Demo with us directly!