Autumn & Home Office: Making it Easier to Work in the Dark Season

Home Office in Autumn isn’t always fun. More and more often, the view out of the window gives us a dark, gray, rainy view. The grayer it gets outside and the fewer hours of sunshine there are in the day, the more important it is that the home office compensates for this. That means it needs to be bright, cozy, warm, and yet conducive to concentration. When we used to go to the office to work, this was beyond our control. The most we could help ourselves with was a new office plant or a new picture on the desk. Now, however, with our new remote way of working, we have much more influence over our work environment. Certainly so do your customers. So take the opportunity to inspire them to style their office for the dark season!

Home Office Dark Season


Whether it’s a floor lamp or a desk lamp, you can’t have enough light sources in your study. But the important thing in the selection is: they must be bright – and with warm light. Therefore, when choosing items for inspiration, you should make sure that the lampshade is not dark, but lets through a nice amount of light. Multiple light sources also make a nicer picture during video conferences, so feel free to offer several that go together in one set….


With the darkness, unfortunately, the cold also moves into the study. A carpet in warm tones creates a bit of warmth, and not just visually. It is essential to ensure that the inspiration is short pile, so that the rolling of the desk chair does not get stuck.

Good Mood

Even small things that simply bring some fresh air into the room brighten the mood. For example, with decorative elements that bring the colors from outdoors inside. Depending on what you have in store, you can inspire your customers with colorful decorations on the window sills of the study, cushions with autumnal motifs on the armchairs or a colorful mural. If you also want it to be functional, then chic folders with leaf patterns on the back are a nice idea.

Quite radical

For those who want it a little more radical: If you also have wallpaper or wall colors in your assortment, here is the ideal opportunity to push them a bit in cross-selling. Show in the inspiration, how fresh and warm an autumnal wall color can look in the study!

Show more than one item per position with Visualytics

Now you do not have just one lamp that you would like to promote in this look for the study? But as in the video no less than 3 desk lamps and 3 floor lamps? And you can’t decide which one should be played out in the look? We have a solution for this use case as well! Our slider!

Here you can show several alternatives for each article in the look, which the customer can browse through like in a catalog – with the arrows.

How Complete the Look Can Look here

To give you a better idea, we’ll show you an example right here.

Have we sparked your interest?

Then get in touch with us! We’ll be happy to show you what other different design options are available for the widget, and how it can be adapted to the look and feel of your store. Want to learn more about our tool? Then let us create a demo version for your store! Of course we will also answer any questions you may have!

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