home office summer sommer

It is summer! In order to recommend the perfect product set, the online store must always be up to date with the current needs of its customers. What can they use right now? Which articles can make their everyday life more beautiful? Which items will put a smile on their faces right now?

Challenge: Home office on hot days

For example, is it particularly hot now and are many people working from home thanks to New Work? There might come up a few new challenges. Then the store can provide them with advice by presenting them with a product set containing various items that can make working more comfortable.

The Summer Product Sets could look like this:


Light and airy top – A simple top that can be worn for video calls but is still airy is a great choice for working from home on hot days. It can be super combined with loose pants and comfortable slippers. You can upgrade the look with classy earrings. For a more covered look on certain video calls, you can simply throw on a thin cardigan.

Home office summer clothing


Clearly, the most important thing for a good working day in the summer is the parasol. Add a comfortable seat and a side table with a drink cooler and working almost feels like a vacation. A bit of decoration like an outdoor rug and a nice throw pillow make the look even more perfect!

Living Home Office Summer

Cross Selling

With Complete the Look, any store can easily create a look for both an outfit and a workspace in just a few minutes. The particularly exciting thing, however, is that products from the fashion area can also be combined with products from the home area. This means that the store can also offer a cross-selling look that can draw customers from one area into the other.

Cross Selling Home Office Summer

The Technology behind Complete the Look

There is no need for long onboarding sessions to get to grips with the very intuitively designed dashboard. After all, uncomplicated is one of the qualities that are most important to us. So implementing the technology into the store is also very straightforward and quick (read this blog post about implementing Visualytics). And if there should be any questions, reaching our team is also very uncomplicated and possible without bots, and within the shortest time you will get an answer.

Read more about it

We show how easy it is to create the Looks in our whitepaper Whitepaper “Creating Looks with Visualytics”. Don’t hesitate, download the whitepaper and learn more. If you’re not convinced yet, also read our Case Study with our customer Madeleine, who was able to improve all their KPIs with Complete the Look, or book a demo Demo with us directly!