How to Advise on Weddings from afar

With the month of May traditionally start the big celebrations such as weddings. All that has been planned for months in great detail and with heart can finally now take place. A lot of time was put into choosing the location, decorations, music, seating arrangements and much more. So both the bride and groom and their guests will be happy to have some of the time-consuming preparations done for them. For example, recommendations in the selection of accessories to the dress / suit or with complete outfit recommendations.

Make the preparations easier for your clients by helping them with cross-selling advice on choosing the perfectly coordinated and stylish outfit for the Ocasion.

Styling of the bride

The wedding dress is absolutely the purchase! Many celebrate the purchase of this garment, which happily costs as much as half a small car, hollywood-like with prosecco and a number of companions. At best, they will help you choose the perfect dress, possibly even with a veil. But that’s just the beginning of the questions about the bridal outfit! What kind of shoes go well with it? And what about jewelry? Or a jacket or wrap for when the weather gets chilly? Should hair clips be combined with it? What matches the dress? Not to mention something blue….

Bei all diesen Fragen kannst du der Braut beratend zur Seite stehen. After all, she has more than enough things to worry about.

Styling of the groom

Here, first and foremost, it is important that the bride has already found her dress! Because the groom’s suit must match perfectly. For example, if the bride chooses a dress in ivory, but the groom chooses a shirt in white, the wedding dress can very easily appear dirty. Here, it is perfect if the groom has a piece of the fabric with him at the men’s outfitter, so that the perfect tone is met. Once the suit and the shirt are chosen, the decisions are no less detailed than for the bride. What shoes and belts go with it? Which watch? Tie pin? And not to forget: the cufflinks!

With these questions, you can offer the groom inspiration and shopping help all in one with product recommendations!

Outfit for maid of honor and bridesmaids

That is not so easy to find. On the one hand, maid of honor and bridesmaid want to make a good impression next to the bride, but on the other hand, they don’t want to steal the bride’s show. Also, there are some no-gos when it comes to dress colors. It probably doesn’t need to be mentioned that white or black are completely inappropriate for this celebration. In the wedding season 2022 mainly dresses in pastel shades or from the nude palette are recommended for bridesmaids and maids of honor. A small breakout is made by flowing dresses in green, the trend color par excellence. However, in a subtle shade, just not too bright.

Wedding guest

Here, the same rules apply as for the groomsmen or the bridesmaids, but you are a little freer with the color scheme. So a floral pattern or a dress in bright pink or bright green is absolutely fashionable. Here you can highlight your most beautiful designs and promote them directly with the matching accessories. After all, it’s not uncommon to go to several weddings in one summer and one can use some inspiration for a new outfit.

Festive fashion cross-selling with Complete the Look

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