Hello Schanze

New office, new flexibility, new working world? Our step towards the New Work.

Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, it was clear to us: We have to move out of our premises in Rothenbaumchaussee. On the one hand, our lease expires this summer, and on the other hand, this sleek, but unfortunately somewhat stiff and conservative environment at Rothenbaum just didn’t fit our young, dynamic and high-tech picalike spirit.

For us as a tech company, it was not a big challenge to move to a home office right away. All processes are digitalized, every team member owns a laptop and even in pre-corona times we had the possibility to work from home. This intensive time away from the office did not harm the productivity and efficiency of the team and so the idea was born to look for a new work concept. Does every employee really need a fixed workstation in the office from Monday to Friday? Before Corona, were all workplaces always occupied (keyword: vacation/sickness)? How many home office days and how many office days are ideal and desirable for you? Sebastian (CEO) asked us these questions during the lockdown and it came out that everyone in the team would like to have more flexibility and work 3-4 days a week in the home office.

Since we were looking for a new office anyway, as mentioned before, we took the chance and made a huge step towards the “new working world”. We are excited to see how our experience in a co-working atmosphere with lots of flexibility and freedom will be for us and are looking forward to an exciting new working world.

We look forward to welcoming you personally to this location from now on.

Our new address:

picalike GmbH
℅ Betahaus
Eifflerstraße 43
22769 Hamburg