Summer is here and with it beach time. Sunshine, clear water, refreshing sea breeze – the beach is calling!  With a well-packed picnic basket, it is wonderful to spend the day at the beach. And since customers are usually looking for a new bikini, a new swimsuit or a new pair of trunks, it would be practical if they could get the other parts for a successful picnic recommended in the store. So they can go perfectly equipped.

We have assembled a simple set for going to the beach.

Mock up Beach Set
Bikini blau


Swimwear is of course absolutely indispensable for a day at the beach. Be it swimsuit, tankini, bikini – here it depends entirely on the style of the wearer. The variety of bikinis alone is almost endless: bandeau or triangle / plain or floral or ethnic pattern / panty, thong or Brazilian / simple or full of details – there is probably nothing that does not exist. Here, we have chosen a bikini in basic style, which is easy to combine and impresses with its timelessness.

Sonnenhut Strand

Sun Hat

Be it protection from sunstroke, sunburn or pigmentation disorders: The sun hat is both the protective shield of the head and stylish accessory. Again, it all depends on the wearer, which style she prefers. We have chosen the good old straw hat, which is always in vogue and extremely combinable due to its simplicity.

Strandtuch blau Strand

Beach Towel

Not everyone has a picnic blanket with insulation. Sometimes such blankets are also the purest sand traps and difficult to clean / dry after washing. A large beach towel on which you can stretch out well is a practical and space-saving alternative.

Picknickkorb Strand

Picnic Basket

The must have for a trip to the beach! It must be spacious, well manageable. In addition, it is of course advantageous if it is also light, so that you mainly carry the contents and not the bag itself. Very practical is there in any case, if the material as well as the shape of the bag are easy to clean.


Thermosbecher strand

Thermo Mug

Whether it’s for coffee, which should stay warm until arrival at the beach or the lemonade, which should give refreshment after sunbathing, the thermo mug has become more and more established as a must-have for a picnic in the meadow, on the mountain or on the beach.  A little tip from us: In it you can also transport yogurt for the fruit or a refreshing pasta salad for lunch!

Teller Strand


It may not be essential for a day at the beach, but it adds a bit of an upscale touch precisely because it’s not necessary. However, I think we can all agree that the delicious takeaways from the Tupperware are great to share with friends on beautiful plates.

There are no limits

That’s not all we want in our basket for the beach visit. A picnic blanket would be an upgrade, plus suntan lotion, pareo, picnic tableware set with cutlery, a parasol and Tupperware for the yummy snacks, … For Complete the Look, 4 to 6 items from the categories are the best, after all, we don’t want to overwhelm customers with the many options. But: you can replace everything as you like and play with different versions. For example, once for women, once for men, once for families, once for small picnic baskets, once for athletes, once for sun worshippers, once for minimalists. There are no limits to the possible combinations.

How does the Beach Set become a Look?

How to turn these items into a super beach set with Complete the Look? We’ll show that here in a moment. It’s not complicated at all and once created, it not only lasts the summer. If any items are sold out, they are simply replaced automatically by similar items. So the look is preserved for the summer, but can also inspire in the fall or winter when packing for vacations in warm countries.

It’s not that hard to offer that to your customers, too. With our Complete-The-Look technology, which can be used for creating outfits, designing rooms, setting tables, or, as here, putting together practical sets.


We show how easy it is to create the Looks in our whitepaper Whitepaper “Creating Looks with Visualytics”. Don’t hesitate, download the whitepaper and learn more. If you’re not convinced yet, also read our Case Study with our customer Madeleine, who was able to improve all their KPIs with Complete the Look, or book a demo Demo with us directly!