The Colors that Brighten up Christmas

white christmas 1

Christmas time brings finally an end to the dreariness! The first Advent is ushering in the Christmas season and the streets are aglow with a thousand lights. It’s getting cosy at home for the most cosy time of the year, the smell of stollen, cookies and fruit punch lingers in the kitchen – the big feast can begin and most people already have an Advent arrangement on the table. The rest of the home is now also decorated with joy. Balls, candles, fairy lights and decorative accessories are making their entrance.

We took a look at which trends are dominating this year. Spoiler alert: red-green remains the evergreen Christmas decoration trend!


Is there a better time to decorate your home traditionally than this contemplative time at the end of the year? It all depends on the background. If you choose a simple, white table setting, you’ll come closest to traditional decorations. On a bare wooden table and with a few wooden accessories, the look gets a rustic touch. With a tablecloth in shades of gray, on the other hand, the look is up to date and modern.

And the other decoration fans?

They are divided into 2 categories. On the one hand, those who prefer bright, clean white and on the other, those who like to invite color into the home. Both work wonderfully as Christmas decorations!


But not all white decorations are the same! There are also some differences here. For example, whether it remains pure white or what it is combined with – as we all know, white goes with everything.

This is how we conjure up a white Christmas, even if the snow is just a wish that Santa Claus won’t fulfill.

Pure white or in combination with natural tones

Clean decorating in white paired with natural tones or gold is currently very trendy. This style can be used in a very minimalist way, with just a small accent here and there. But you don’t have to use white in such a minimalist way! For fans of the rustic look, there are currently numerous decorative elements that combine white with wood. The look also looks really great as a decoration, where white baubles and candles are combined with cinnamon sticks, pine cones, nuts, orange slices or pine branches. After all, naturalness and sustainability are more in vogue this year than ever before.


The combination of white and gold is perfect for a sophisticated look! White and gold baubles, a string of lights with warm light and the Christmas tree and table are decorated with timeless beauty.

Alternative color options

For those who are not into red and green but still want to add some color to their decorations, the combination of blue and silver or decorations in pastel shades are right on trend.


This color combination has been on trend for so long that it’s almost a new classic. The strong blue, which we from Picalike are particularly fond of, goes wonderfully with the dark green tone of the pine branches and makes silver shine even brighter. The silver ornaments create a starry sky in the living room in an instant. And if that looks too cold for you, combine it with a warm string of lights, which is beautifully reflected by the ornaments.


If you want to try something completely different this year, pastel shades are right on trend. Light, warm tones, reminiscent of spring meadows, bring warmth into the home and banish the everyday gray of autumn weather. Once again, it’s a question of personal preference. If you find different pastel colors in the decoration too candy-like, you can combine pink with natural elements. Pine branches and cinnamon sticks are again good options here, as are pine cones for a somewhat rustic look. For everyone else, go wild with the pastel color palette, but avoid lemon yellow! Don’t worry, there’s no way it’ll be Eastery with a bit of sparkle and festivity.

Inspiration for customers with decoration sets

As decorating is most fun when you combine different accessories, it is particularly useful to help the customer with cross-selling sets. We wouldn’t be the product recommendation professionals that we are if we didn’t have a set example ready for you.

Do you need more inspiration for product sets? What would you be happy about? Just let us know!