The season of layering is here! Especially if you spend the whole day outside, you have to face some challenges at the moment. Because in the morning the temperatures are usually in the single digits, during the day it gets a little warmer, but as soon as the sun is gone, the temperatures quickly go down again. The only thing that helps is the Zwiebellook!

As stale as the name of this look may sound, it can look very stylish. If it’s done right, that is. You can help your customers do this by offering stylish, but also functional combinations. After all, it’s not so easy to find several matching garments that also serve their purpose.

With sliders, you can combine the different functions and stylings. How this could look like? That’s what we’d like to show you here!

1. Layer


The most important layer in layering is the bottom layer! Why? Because it lies directly on the skin and must be both comfortable to wear and functional. If you tend to feel cold, for example during a long walk, shirts with angora or merino wool percentages are highly recommended here. However, if you have more of a tendency to sweat, for example, because you ride your bike to work, then you should rather wear functional shirts. If both, freezing or sweating, are not expected, a normal T-shirt made of cotton is also sufficient.

2. Layer

Longsleeve - Layering
Hemd - Layering
Poloshirt - Layering

The first layer is usually not visible, so you can purely pay attention to the function. Here with the second layer of layering, though, it’s different: it’s usually visible and thus also part of the outfit. This is where you have to set the course for the style: Is it a casual outfit? Or a business look?

3. Layer

Hoodie - Layering
Pullover - Layering
Weste - Layering

Just because it’s already the third layer, it doesn’t mean that the considerations here become less complex. After all, now it’s all about personal style! Is the customer perhaps rather warm and he loves the good freedom of movement when wearing vests? Or does he prefer to snuggle up in thick, loose hoodies? Or does he prefer wearing elegant fine knit sweaters? Which type is he?

4. Layer

Funktionsjacke - Layering
Mantel - Layering
Übergangsjacke - Layering

Now it becomes functional again! If the customer lives in Hamburg, for example, it is very important for his jacket to be wind- and waterproof. But if he drives to work by car, then a nice coat is also a chic option. It’s not raining, but it’s also not yet cold enough for a coat? Then a transitional jacket is also a good choice.

The Rest of the Look

Done! The upper body is now well dressed. All that’s missing are pants and shoes. Depending on your needs, belts and hats can also be combined, after all Complete the Look offers the possibility to choose up to 6 items for the look. Even backpacks or laptop bags can be combined if your store has them in its assortment – just as the stylist wishes. There are no limits to creativity.

How easy it is to create the looks we show in our Whitepaper “Creating Looks with Visualytics”. Don’t hesitate, download the whitepaper and learn more. If you are not convinced yet, then also read our Case Study with our client Madeleine, who could improve all its KPIs with Complete the Look, or book directly a Demo-Version with us!